Dr Chen: "Medrecruit has supported me as a locum doctor in three ways"

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A medical recruitment agency can be a great ally for locum doctors, streamlining their professional journey with comprehensive support.

Recruitment agencies, like Medrecruit, specialise in matching doctors with suitable locum roles that align with their expertise, preferences, and lifestyle. We handle the intricacies of job searching, from identifying opportunities to negotiating contracts and pay rates. We also assist with logistical aspects like licensing, credential verification, and relocation, reducing administrative burdens.

Dr Li Will Chen has been locuming with Medrecruit since 2021. We caught up with him to have a chat about the benefits of locuming and how Medrecruit has been able to support him.

Can you tell me a bit about you and why you became a doctor?

I am a junior doctor based in Melbourne. I entered medicine because I love working with my hands and putting theory into practice. Outside medicine, I enjoy snowboarding and busking.

What was your motivator for locuming?

Two things:

  1. Financial incentive – as a junior doctor, retirement may seem very distant at this stage; however, I am always aware of my financial goals down the track (eg, starting a family, long-term accommodation, education etc.) and what I need to reach these goals. Locuming provides flexible and reliable income, which helps me achieve these goals.

  2. Exposure to different healthcare settings – thanks to locuming with Medrecruit, I have had the opportunities to work and learn in different healthcare settings, which help me become a better practitioner.

How has locuming enriched your lifestyle in any way?

Yes, it has enriched my lifestyle by enabling me to explore more options because I am more flexible with my finances.

Has locuming helped you achieve any financial goals?

Yes. I am currently saving for a deposit for my first home. Locuming with Medrecruit has helped me tremendously with achieving this goal.

How does Medrecruit support you as a locum doctor?

Medrecruit has supported me as a locum doctor in three ways:

  1. Finding opportunities that align with my professional interest and suit my work commitments. The team at Medrecruit has been fantastic in tailoring their recommendations to what I hope to get out of locuming experience.

  2. Liaising with hospitals to facilitate my shifts. Medrecruit has always maintained excellent communication with me and the hospital I will be locuming at. The team has always provided all the necessary information I need to adapt to the local workflow quickly.

  3. Prompt payment. I have never had an issue getting paid from Medrecruit for my locum shifts. This may not sound like a big deal, but in fact, you’d be surprised how much smoother it makes for the whole experience. Having the peace of mind that you will always get paid promptly whilst locuming is always desirable.

Would you have any advice for other doctors who are thinking about locuming?

My advice is to find a good work-life balance if you are thinking about locuming. For many of us, balancing locum work with full-time work can sometimes be very stressful because you cannot always fit the extra shifts into your schedule. This is where you ask the Medrecruit team for help. Clearly communicate with the team your availability and they will work with you to find the best opportunity possible that suits your lifestyle. Also, keep in mind you can always learn something regardless of the nature of the shift – if you are locuming in a new environment, use it as an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, and this will make you a better clinician in general.

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Jordy Black
08 December 2023Article by Jordy BlackMedrecruit Editor