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You can't buy time, but we can give it to you

Get time back for the things you love outside of medicine. From job search to paperwork and logistics, we offer a free career support service to doctors. As Australasia's largest medical recruitment agency we use our network to help you find permanent and locum job opportunities that cater to your lifestyle goals.

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"They match your career goals with each placement, stress-free with accommodation and travel arranged," Dr Renee Hyland
Article by Julia | 27 Feb 2023
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"Helpful with the amount of tedious paperwork that needs to be done," Dr Anthony Restifo
Article by Julia | 26 Feb 2023
Happy locum doctor
"Easy to work with, sort out all your locum needs, and flexible with transport and accommodation," Dr Rossi Holloway
Article by Julia | 27 Feb 2023
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Hassle free sign up, excellent recruitment agents, good range of regular work available.

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Charitha Siriwardena , Registrar, Surgery
A medical recruitment agency who puts doctors first. That's the difference.
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Search over 2,000 jobs

We are Australasia's largest medical recruitment agency and preferred supplier for hospitals and clinics across Australia and NZ meaning we have more doctor jobs than any other agency in NZ and Australia.

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We value your wellbeing

A hospital is no place to be sick of your job! Our mission is to help doctors find better lives, that is why we changed the Declaration of Geneva for you so that the health and wellbeing of the doctor are included.

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96% satisfaction rate

Our recruiters go the extra mile to deliver exceptional service and be the very best locum agency. Our consultants are knowledgeable and strong negotiators. They will find the right job for you at the best rate.

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Looking to locum?

We help locum doctors find better placements and live better lives. If you are thinking of starting work as a full time locum doctor or locuming around your full time role - we can help.

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Medical recruitment rewards
Refer a friend get $2000* to spend

For any friends referred between May 1 2023 and June 30 2023 - you’ll receive a gift card of up to $2000* when your friend completes their first placement of 25+ days at the one location.