How to choose the best locum agency

Choosing your locum agency

In the healthcare industry, locums working across various specialties find it increasingly important to partner with the right recruitment agency. This relationship is important in ensuring they find work that complements their skills and preferences, aligns with their professional goals, and provides a positive experience. With a vast array of recruitment companies and staffing agencies vying for attention, the task of choosing the right locum agency can be a formidable one. Here, we'll delve into key factors to guide your selection process, helping secure a beneficial partnership in your locum journey.

Why is it important for doctors to choose the best medical locum agency?

If you have decided you would like to work full time as a locum doctor or fit locum shifts around your permanent role, the next step is to choose your locum agency. Most doctors choose to work with a locum agency because it is their job to take care of everything for you, from paperwork to travel and logistics.

When you begin to think about choosing the best locum agency for your career, you will find that you have many choices. When choosing your agency, you must find one who understands your wants and needs and can get you the maximum benefits.

If you want to achieve the best outcome, it is preferable to work with one agency, but make sure they are well suited to your career and lifestyle needs and willing to go the extra mile for you!

Working with one medical recruitment agency will allow you to build a strong, trusting relationship with your recruitment consultant, meaning they will be able to find you locum shifts that fulfill your needs. [Choosing the correct] agency ( can be overwhelming.

Medrecruit is a locum (or locum tenens) agency. We work with locum doctors across Australasia and help them find locum roles that suit their career, lifestyle, or financial goals.

What to look for when choosing a locum agency:

From our perspective, here are the main things you should consider when choosing the best medical locum agency.

1. Find a locum agency with the most jobs on the books

You want to ensure that your locum agency can offer you options and frequent opportunities. Explore the agency's breadth and quality of opportunities. Are they offering roles that match your specialty and desired location? Do they cater to various work arrangements – short-term, long-term, part-time, or full-time? A well-connected agency will be able to provide diverse opportunities, enhancing your chances of finding work that suits your preferences.

If you register with a locum agency with a large network, strong relationships with its clients, and multiple jobs on the books, you will increase your chances of landing the perfect locum job.

Consider the geographical scope and variety of locum assignments offered by the agency. Determine if the agency has a wide network of clients and can provide you with diverse opportunities in terms of location and practice settings. A broader range of opportunities will allow you to find assignments that align with your preferences and career goals.

Medrecruit is the largest locum recruitment agency in Australasia. With more than double the number of locum than any other agency in Australasia.

If you are a doctor in Australia or New Zealand looking to locum - we can help! Our Solutions Specialists are each trained to be experts in different areas of medicine. They have a close relationship with the doctors they work with and great relationships with clients. This allows them to negotiate your terms and salary on your behalf and present you with jobs before they hit the market.

2. Find an agency with a strong reputation and track record

Begin by researching the reputation and track record of potential locum recruitment agencies. Look for agencies that have a history of successful placements and satisfied doctors. Check online reviews, testimonials, and professional forums to gather insights from other locum physicians about their experiences with various agencies. Additionally, consult your peers and colleagues for recommendations.

A reliable agency should have a robust network of hospitals and clinics and a history of successfully placing locums in suitable positions. They should be well-versed in the intricacies of the healthcare industry and capable of navigating the complex terrain of contracts, licensure, and credentialing processes.

3. Find a locum agency that puts you first

A high-quality locum recruitment agency should provide personalised service and support. They should take the time to understand your unique skills, preferences, and objectives to match you with the best-suited locum opportunities. A dedicated recruiter who communicates regularly and responds to your questions and concerns can significantly impact your overall experience.

Navigating the credentialing and licensing process for locum tenens assignments can be complex and time-consuming. Look for an agency that offers comprehensive support in this area, assisting you with the necessary paperwork and ensuring all requirements are met promptly.

Medrecruit’s goal is to help doctors find better. We were set up by a doctor, for doctors. When Dr Sam Hazledine (Medrecruit Founder) saw his colleagues struggling with burnout, he set up Medrecruit with the goal of helping doctors find a better career or lifestyle.

When selecting your agency, it is important to find an agency that shares your values and ideologies. If the wellbeing of the profession is important to you, Medrecruit would be a great choice for your locum agency.

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4. Find a locum agency with a competent team that knows your specialty

When choosing a locum agency, you want to know that your team is competent because you will trust them to find your next placement and arrange the travel and accommodation.

Choose an agency that specialises in your medical field to ensure they have an extensive understanding of your needs and job requirements. An agency with expertise in your practice will be better equipped to match you with suitable positions, negotiate competitive rates, and provide informed guidance and support.

Assess the agency's level of communication and support. The ideal agency will offer personalised services that are attentive to your needs and career aspirations. They should be accessible, responsive, and transparent, keeping you updated about potential opportunities, contract details, and the status of your applications.

The Medrecruit Solution Specialists are all professionals with expert knowledge in the locum doctor space. As a junior doctor, you will join a network of over 80,000 doctors and 2,000 doctor jobs, and your dedicated Solution Specialists will work to find locum roles perfectly matched to you. As a Consultant, you will be assigned a representative who is dedicated to your specialty and has their finger on the pulse when it comes to opportunities in your field.

5. Look for transparent and competitive compensation

Consider the benefits and incentives offered by the agency. Some agencies provide additional perks like travel and housing arrangements. Make sure the agency offers transparent and competitive compensation packages. Clarify how the payment process works, including how and when you will be paid, and inquire about additional benefits.

At Medrecruit, we will go out of our way to negotiate on your behalf so you get the pay rates you are after. We arrange all your transport and accommodation, which is covered for most placements.

Choosing the right locum recruitment agency is essential in your locum tenens journey. By considering factors such as reputation, specialisation, range of opportunities, personalised service, credentialing support, and compensation, you can confidently select an agency to help you achieve a rewarding and fulfilling locum experience.

Medrecruit offers a done-for-you service: we find your locum roles, then we assist with the paperwork, travel, accommodation and logistics. We help get things done so that you're freed up you can concentrate on what you do best. Which could be saving lives!

When choosing a medical recruitment agency, you want one willing to become your team. Search for jobs, help with your CV, do your paperwork, negotiate for higher rates on your behalf, and then deal with the travel logistics - so you don't have to.

At Medrecruit, not only do you get a personal recruitment consultant, but we also have a support network in place to handle the logistics of your placement, from travel details to getting paid. What’s more – our service is entirely free for doctors.

How to find the best-paying locum agencies for doctors?

Finding the best-paying agency goes hand in hand with finding the best. It requires a blend of research, networking, and understanding your own professional needs and preferences. Here's how you can ensure you partner with a locum agency that not only meets the requirements of your specialty but also offers competitive compensation.

  • Research and healthcare recruitment reviews: Start by conducting thorough online research to identify agencies with a strong reputation in healthcare recruitment. Look for agencies that specialise in your field of medicine and read through reviews from other doctors regarding their experiences focusing on pay.

  • Word of mouth: Sometimes, the most valuable insights come from peers. Engage with colleagues and use word of mouth to gather information about agencies known for offering top pay for locum doctors.

  • Meet the requirements: Ensure you meet the requirements for the high-paying locum roles you seek. Some of the best-paying positions may require specific qualifications, experiences, or flexibility in scheduling.

  • Evaluate the onboarding process: A smooth and efficient onboarding process often indicates an agency’s professionalism and approach to placing doctors in well-compensated locum roles.

Which is the best locum agency for doctors in Australia?

If you are based in Australia, you may be asking, "Which is the best locum agency for me?" When looking for the perfect locum agency in Australia, follow the above guidelines. The top agency should stand out not only for its wide network of healthcare facilities across Australia, including sought-after states like New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria but also for its deep commitment to supporting medical staffing with a personal touch.

An exceptional locum agency matches locum tenens physicians and advanced practitioners with opportunities that align with their expertise and career aspirations. It understands the complexities of working locum tenens and goes beyond filling positions to improving its candidate's lifestyles. The agency should facilitate meaningful placements in diverse settings, from bustling city hospitals to remote healthcare facilities, offering a breadth of experience and the chance to make a real difference in communities.

While individual preferences may vary, the best locum agency in Australia is one that prioritises the well-being and career growth of its medical professionals, fostering a supportive environment where locum tenens physicians and advanced practitioners can thrive.

In conclusion, taking the time to research and select the right locum agency can yield significant benefits in your career. It can help streamline your job search and ensure a smoother transition into locum roles, setting you up for a successful and satisfying stint in the locum tenens world.

If you would like to learn more about how Medrecruit, Australasia’s largest locum recruitment agency, can assist you in finding your ideal locum job, register below.

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