How to chose the best locum agency

Article by Medrecruit Editorial Team25 Sep 2022
Choosing your locum agency

If you have decided you would like to work full time as a locum doctor or fit locum shifts around your permanent role the next step is to choose your locum agency. Most doctors choose to work with a locum agency because it is their job to take care of everything for you from paperwork to travel and logistics.

When you begin to think about choosing the best locum agency for your career, you will find that you have a plethora of choices. When it comes to choosing your agency it is essential that you find one who understands your wants and needs and can get you the maximum benefits.

If you want to achieve the best outcome it is preferable to work with one agency but make sure they are well suited to your career and lifestyle needs and willing to go the extra mile for you!

Working with one medical recruitment agency will allow you to build a strong trusting relationship with your recruitment consultant, meaning they will be able to find you locum shifts that fulfil your needs. Choosing the correct agency can be overwhelming.

Medrecruit is a locum (or locum tenens) agency, we work with locum doctors across Australasia and help them find locum roles that suit their career, lifestyle, or financial goals.

From our perspective, here are the three main things you should consider when choosing your the best medical locum agency.

Find a locum agency with the most jobs on the books

You want to ensure that the locum agency you choose to work with can offer you options and frequent opportunities.

If you are registered with a locum agency with a big network and strong relationships with its clients as well as multiple jobs on the books then you will increase your chances of landing the perfect locum job.

Medrecruit is the largest locum recruitment agency in Australasia. With more than double the number of locum than any other agency in Australasia.

If you are a doctor in Australia or New Zealand looking to locum - we can help!

Our Solutions Specialists are each trained to be experts in different areas of medicine. They have a close relationship with the doctors they work with, but they also have great relationships with clients. This allows them to negotiate your terms and salary on your behalf and present you with jobs before they hit the market.

Find a locum agency that puts you first

Medrecruit’s goal is to help doctors find better. We were set up by a doctor, for doctors. When Dr Sam Hazledine (Medrecruit Founder) saw his colleagues struggling with burnout he set up Medrecruit with the goal of helping doctors find a better career or lifestyle.

The wellbeing of our doctors is at the heart of everything we do which is why our partner company Medworld changed the Declaration of Geneva to include the health and the wellbeing of the doctor.

It is important when selecting your agency to find an agency that shares your values and ideologies. If the wellbeing of the profession is important to you Medrecruit would be a great choice for your locum agency.

Find a locum agency with a competent team that knows your specialty

When choosing a locum agency you want to know that your team is competent because you will be trusting them with finding your next placement and arranging the travel and accommodation.

The Medrecruit Solution Specialists are all professionals with expert knowledge in the locum doctor space. As a junior doctor, you will be joining a network of over 70,000 doctors and 2,000 doctor jobs, and your dedicated Solution Specialists will be working to find locum roles perfectly matched to you. As a Consultant, you will be assigned a representative who is dedicated to your specialty and has their finger on the pulse when it comes to opportunities in your field.

Medrecruit offers a done for you service, we find your locum roles, then we assist with the paperwork, travel, accommodation and logistics. We help get things done so that you're freed up you can concentrate on what you do best. Which could be saving lives!

When you choose a medical recruitment agency you want one who is willing to become your team. Search for jobs, help with your CV, do your paperwork, and then deal with the travel logistics - so you don't have to.

At Medrecruit, not only do you get a personal recruitment consultant, we also have a support network in place to handle the logistics of your placement from travel details to getting paid, what’s more – our service is entirely free for doctors.

If you would like to learn more about how Medrecruit, Australasia’s largest locum recruitment agency, can assist you in finding your ideal locum job, register below.

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