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Dr. Kevin Naidoo has been a locum surgeon in New Zealand for over ten years

Kevin Naidoo locum doctor
Our Doctors
“If you are locuming you can choose when you want to work, and how long you want to work for "
Article by Julia | 22 Jun 2022

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Senior Medical Officers have a variety of great opportunities available to them across Australia and New Zealand. Find out what this next step if career and lifestyle could look like.

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Download our free job market report, an invaluable resource for doctors in Australia. Uncover crucial insights on the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, including high-demand specialties, prevalent factors influencing the Australian job market, and comprehensive data on average pay rates for both locum and permanent roles nationwide.

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Unlock valuable insights about the New Zealand job market with our free job market report. Gain essential knowledge on the factors shaping the healthcare landscape, high-demand specialties, and average pay rates for both locum and permanent roles across the country.

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A doctor's perspective
Locum doctor
Our Doctors
"In 2023, I want to do a bit of travel, working around Australia doing locuming, and some medicine overseas," Dr Huw John
Article by Julia | 13 Nov 2022
Darryl-lee Psychiatrist
Our Doctors
“I enjoy the privilege of being in child psychiatry and the bright, overarching attitude this enjoyment manifests in me.” Dr Darryl-lee
Article by Dr Darryl-Lee | 23 May 2022
Can I work as a doctor in Australia or New Zealand?
Happy IMG doctors
How Medrecruit helps

Medrecruit is one of the leading international doctor recruitment agencies. We have a team dedicated to assisting International Medical Graduates (IMGs). In order to practice in either Australia or New Zealand, you must be registered with either AHPRA (Australia) or MCNZ (New Zealand). For doctors who graduated overseas, this is achievable via a number of pathways (or routes), your eligibility for which is determined by your clinical background.

Once we have helped you determine your eligibility for registration, we will help you with your job search and work to make your move Down Under easy with our vast employment networks and insider tips.

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