Locuming offers work on your terms.
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Thousands of placements are now available in hospitals, clinics and medical centres across New Zealand. Experience life across opportunities in rural and urban locations, on both the North and South Islands. Spend more time doing the things you love, or with the people you love.

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Take control of where and when you work for a better work-life balance. Placements last anything from a few hours to a year. Make good money while considering your next move. We can show you ways of working that you may not have considered with vast opportunities across New Zealand.

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Explore diverse and interesting areas of medicine. Discover a new career path and try different working environments with New Zealand's diverse communities. Feel appreciated and share your time and skills with remote and urban populations that needs your expertise.

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You can choose when you want to work, how long you want to work for and then you can choose when you go back. It’s enabled me to have more time to spend with the family.

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Dr Kevin Naidoo , General Surgeon
Hottest NZ locum jobs

Specialist Consultant

Surgery - otolaryngology

  • Camberley, Hastings, North Island NZ
  • Locum
  • $1,500 per hour
  • 29 Aug 2024 ~ 21 Oct 2024
This public hospital services a region of over 162,000 people. The hospital supports a wide range of surgical, medical, oncology and radiological services. Come and develop your career, working in a wonderful part of New Zealand in modernising facilities with a dedicated and fun team. Hawke's B...

Specialist Consultant

Paediatrics - general

  • Invercargill, South Island NZ
  • Locum
  • $1,500 per hour
  • 01 Aug 2024 ~ 31 Jan 2025
Heritage buildings and magnificent city gardens contribute an old-world charm to this delightful southern city.   Home of legendary sporting greats in rugby, netball, basketball and hockey, it has an indoor velodrome, Olympic-sized swimming pool and rugby stadium. Classic motoring fans gather to ...

Specialist Consultant

General medicine/physician

  • Thames, North Island NZ
  • Locum
  • $2,400 per day
  • NOW ~ 04 Oct 2024
Located in the heart of New Zealand, this public hospital is a leading healthcare provider in the region. The hospital is situated in a picturesque location, surrounded by lush greenery and scenic landscapes. The hospital is well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and advanced medical tech...
The perks of locuming with Medrecruit
Locum doctor's lifestyle
91% lifestyle improved

Get time back for the things you love outside of medicine, enhance your lifestyle, and reclaim work-life balance. But don't take our word for it, 91% of our locum doctors said their lifestyle was improved.

New Zealand locum doctor
Earn up to $3500/day

Locum doctors can earn fantastic rates with flexible hours and locations across Australia and New Zealand. No matter your future financial goals - locuming is a great way to boost your earnings. In Australia, locums may earn up to $4000/day.

Travel & accomodation covered
Travel & accomodation covered

For most placements, your travel and accommodation costs are covered. This means you get to explore new places with no cost to you.

Doctors first. Then jobs. That's our difference.

Life as a doctor demands you give everything. Dr Sam Hazledine learned this first as an intern. Years later Medrecruit was his response. Sam successfully lobbied the World Medical Association to amend the Declaration of Geneva (the modern-day Hippocratic Oath) to include:

I will attend to my own health, wellbeing, and abilities in order to provide care of the highest standard.

Medrecruit continue to advocate for, educate and work towards better health and wellbeing for all doctors. With a multitude of locum opportunities across New Zealand, there are countless ways to pursue a lifestyle and career that suits your needs.

A doctor's perspective
New Zealand locum doctor
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Looking for something different?

Not sure working as a locum doctor is the right fit for your medical career at present? We have a wide variety of permanent doctor jobs available across New Zealand and Australia. From vibrant city centers to idyllic rural communities, we offer the perfect opportunity for you to gain experience in your career and make a lasting impact.

Enjoy the stability of long-term employment while still satiating your passion for practicing medicine. Our extensive network of healthcare facilities and hospitals ensures that we can match your skills and interests to the ideal permanent role, providing a fulfilling and rewarding experience. Think permanent work might be the right fit for you?