Dr Adarsh Das: "Locuming offers professional flexibility"

Two locum doctors

Working as a locum doctor is synonymous with flexibility, offering control over one's career that is rarely found in traditional medical roles. Locum positions empower doctors with the choice of assignments, locations, and duration, allowing them to craft a schedule that aligns with their personal and professional goals.

This flexibility enables doctors to explore diverse medical environments, from bustling city hospitals to rural clinics, enriching their experience and skill set. It provides the freedom to take breaks as needed, pursue further education, or travel.

We caught up with Dr Adarsh Das to learn more about his experience locuming with Medrecruit.

What was your motivator for locuming?

My decision to explore locuming stemmed from a desire for professional flexibility and the opportunity to experience diverse healthcare settings. I was able to expand my interests into telemedicine and Telehealth, a field few doctors get experience in, which was great! With the flexible hours, and working from home option (which doctors rarely get the option of!), I was able to prioritise my personal and life goals, whilst able to maintain paying for rent/bills etc.

How has locuming enriched your lifestyle in any way?

Locuming has enriched my lifestyle by providing exposure to various medical environments, cultures and communities - environments in which we may be limited if we are restricted to a certain health service during our years as junior doctors. It has allowed me to maintain a work-life balance whilst simultaneously being able to fund such a lifestyle!

Have you had any memorable or crazy experiences when locuming?

One particular request I had for Georja and her team was to work alongside my best friend Richard (pictured above) at a peripheral hospital, as we have known each other since we were ten and grew up together all the way from high school through medical school. After five years of not working together, we were finally reunited last year, and boy, was it awesome! It was funny having been through so much but not having worked together to finally be senior registrars in a peripheral hospital, but it was definitely a moment to savour.

Has locuming helped you achieve any financial goals?

Definitely, locuming has been instrumental in achieving my financial goals. The flexibility to take on placements in high-demand areas during the days/weekends that I am only available in was crucial, so I was able to maximise every opportunity that was provided to me, whilst having a healthy balance!

Would you have any advice for other doctors who are thinking about locuming?

I think for other doctors; it is a bit daunting to conduct locuming because of the fear of the unknown. However, I do have to say Medrecruit has made it easier once I sent all the required documentation and referees. Having an open conversation with one of the members was really helpful as it allowed me to explain what my aspirations and criteria were, as well as the limitations and time periods I was free for (such as only weekends or weekday evenings), and Medrecruit especially Georja was excellent in weaving her magic wand in accommodating my preferences.

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Jordy Black
28 November 2023Article by Jordy BlackMedrecruit Editor