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Let us do the hard work. As one of Australasia’s largest medical recruitment agencies, we have a vast resource of top candidates. We work with large hospitals, right through to independent and rural GP clinics. Every grade and speciality’s covered – even clinical director of services. As we value your time, the candidates we present will always be the right fit your role.

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Be confident that no detail is overlooked.

We’ll get things right first-time to save you time and money. All of our doctors are work ready. Credentials checked. Immigration, registration, even details about shift availability sorted. This lets you make decisions quickly. We create good communication between you and the candidate so everyone’s on the same page.

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Work with specialists who excel at what they do.

Trust us to deliver. We are a preferred supplier to hospitals and clinics across Australia and New Zealand, so we’re good at what we do. Our team of Solution Specialists work hard for you. First, we listen, then we act. We value our relationships and do all we can to make sure that we make a good ‘match’ for our clients and doctors.

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Efficient, friendly and take the time to understand needs. Have enjoyed the relationship working with everyone.

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Amanda McIntyre , St George Private Hospital, Kogarah, NSW
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See why using a recruitment agency for your next medical hire could save you time and money.

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