How a medical recruitment agency can support locum doctors

Article by Medrecruit Editorial Team29 Nov 2022
Locum doctors

Earn more money, gain new skills, and travel for work - there are many benefits to locum work which is why some doctors choose to take on additional shifts around their full-time role or embrace the full-time locum lifestyle.

Many doctors choose to work with a locum agency and take advantage of the networks and strong relationships they offer.

Medrecruit is the largest locum recruitment agency in Australasia. With more than double the number of locum jobs than any other agency in Australasia.

If you are a doctor in Australia or New Zealand looking to locum - we can help - and our service is completely free for doctors. Here is a list of ways a locum agency supports its doctors.

1. Finding the jobs

When you register with a medical recruitment agency, like Medrecruit, you get access to all the jobs we have on the books. You can browse them yourself or if you tell your Solutions Specialist what you are looking for they will go to work to find you the perfect opportunities.

2. The logistics

A medical recruitment agency will take care of all of the logistics that come with locuming. They will assist you with your paperwork, liaise with the hospital, and organise all your travel and accommodation.

3. Taking care of any issues on the road

A symptom of travelling to new places and working in new environments is complications arising on the road. When you work with a medical recruitment agency their job is to foresee any problems so you have a smooth locum experience, and if a problem does arise on the road they will take care of it - so you don't have to.

4. Negotiating on your behalf

When you work with a locum agency you get a dedicated representative who is in your court. They will find the right jobs to suit your career or lifestyle needs and then they will negotiate your reimbursement.

5. Keeping your wellbeing in mind

Managing the logistics of locuming can be stressful (especially when you are trying to complete the shift as well as organise everything on your own). When you work with a medical recruitment agency, like Medrecruit, their job is to take care of all the stress. At Medrecruit the wellbeing of our doctors is of utmost importance so our Solutions Specialists will look out for you when booking jobs and make sure you have some time off for work/life balance in between shifts.

6. Offer a free service and ongoing support

Our service is completely free for doctors. We support you in your first locum role and then we will be there to support you in your next one after that, and the next one after that!

Our Solutions Specialists are there to support you at every stage of your life. As your lifestyle or career goals change they will find you the right roles to match.

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Medrecruit Editorial Team
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