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Working as a doctor in New Zealand or Australia

Are you an international doctor, thinking of working in New Zealand or Australia?

Here's everything you need to know

Medrecruit is one of the leading international doctor recruitment agencies, our dedicated team prides themself on helping foreign doctors find work in New Zealand and Australia. With great working conditions and healthcare systems, more overseas trained doctors are looking to make the move to live and work in Australia and New Zealand. Sought-after roles are available for IMG's with the right credentials. We've created this page for doctors interested in making the move, if you want more information, get in touch with us and we will show you all the possibilities available.

Be ready for a job in Australasia.
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Know your opportunity.

Top permanent roles are available for experienced international doctors in New Zealand and Australia. To practise medicine, you must be registered with the governing body of the country you choose to work in. Gaining registration is often easiest for specialists (including GPs) and international doctors who have completed their primary degree in the UK or Ireland.

Working as a doctor in New Zealand

Renowned for its working conditions and health care system, international doctors get the best of all worlds in New Zealand. Find a permanent job set against a backdrop of beaches, mountains, forests, and cities. Our specialist International Team will give insights into all aspects of work, day-to-day living, and relocating. We can help with the paperwork and our immigration advisor can assist with visas. For foreign doctors looking to work in New Zealand, the process can take six months to a year.

Working as a doctor in Australia

Enjoy the sun or the city, there is much for foreign doctors to love in Australia. Our specialist team will guide you to various permanent job opportunities across Australia. It's important to note that international doctors have more restrictions in Australia than in New Zealand. It can take some time to get the post you want, and up to a year to get settled, that's why it is important to work with a skilled international doctor recruitment agency - we’ll help navigate the different requirements, and sort through the paperwork.

Can I work as a doctor in Australia or New Zealand?
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How Medrecruit helps

Medrecruit is one of the leading international doctor recruitment agencies. We have a team dedicated to assisting International Medical Graduates (IMGs). In order to practice in either Australia or New Zealand, you must be registered with either AHPRA (Australia) or MCNZ (New Zealand). For doctors who graduated overseas, this is achievable via a number of pathways (or routes), your eligibility for which is determined by your clinical background. We can’t tell you if you are eligible – that’s up to the relevant national authority.

Once you know that you are eligible for medical registration in Australia or New Zealand, we’ll help you with your job search and work to make your move Down Under easy with our vast employment networks and insider’s tips.

Working as a doctor in New Zealand

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Good to know.
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Apply early! The process can take 6 months or more. Engage with an international doctor recruitment agency, like Medrecruit, who will guide you through the application process.

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Opportunities start to open up when you’re Post Graduate Year 3 and above. When you're ready to find out more, get in touch, and one of our team will give you all the information you need about working as a doctor in New Zealand or Australia.

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Doctors who trained in the UK, Ireland, Canada, or the USA have a number of pathways to registration. Find out more about medical pathways by getting in touch with one of our team of international medical recruitment specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is AHPRA registration and MCNZ registration?

AHPRA (Australia) and MCNZ (New Zealand) are the national organisations responsible for doctor registration and accreditation.

Australasian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency Registration (or AHPRA) is what you require to legally practise medicine in Australia.

To practise medicine in New Zealand you must have Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) Registration.

What is the Competent Authority Pathway?

The Competent Authority Pathway is a pathway in which you can gain AHPRA registration (Australia), or MCNZ registration (New Zealand). To be eligible for this pathway, you must have completed your primary medical degree in the UK or Ireland. You are also eligible if you have passed the medical licensing exams in the UK, Canada, USA or NZ and have completed internship equivalent in one of these countries.

What is the Standard Pathway?

The Standard Pathway is for those applying for registration in Australia who don’t meet the Competent Authority Pathway criteria. To be eligible you will have completed a medical degree listed in the WHO directory. You will need to successfully complete the AMC examinations which involve an MCQ and clinical examinations. Then you can apply for provisional registration. You must secure an internship level role for the first 12 months.

What is the Comparable Health System Pathway?

This pathway provides a route to MCNZ registration in New Zealand for doctors who:

  • Have a medical degree from a country listed in the WHO directory
  • Have worked for 33 months (for at least 30 hours per week) in the 48 months prior to your application within a comparable health system. And in the same area of medicine and same level offered in New Zealand.
  • Hold full (or general) registration in the comparable health system in which you meet the above active clinical practice requirements.
What is the NZREX Clinical Examination?

The NZREX Clinical Examination provides another pathway to MCNZ registration in New Zealand. You are eligible if you have a degree from a country listed in the WHO directory. You will be required to complete the NZ Registration examinations. Once these are successfully completed you will be eligible for provisional registration. Then you are required to secure an internship level role for the first 12 months.

What is the Specialist Pathway?

The Specialist Pathway is a route to registration in Australia. It involves an assessment by the relevant specialist college of your qualifications and experience to see how it compares to that of an Australian trained specialist. The outcome of the assessment will determine your comparability, and what if any further requirements you need to gain full specialist registration.

What is the VOC3 pathway?

As a doctor who has trained overseas you must hold Vocational Registration to work as a specialist in New Zealand. This involves full assessment of your overseas qualifications, training and experience to see how it compares. The outcome of the assessment will determine the steps you need to take to be eligible for Vocational Registration.

Can Medrecruit help me get MCNZ or AHPRA registration?

We cannot assess your eligibility for registration. This is up to the relevant national organisation of the country you’d like to work in.

Medrecruit can help find international doctors a suitable role. Our team can also provide some guidance and advice around moving to Australia and New Zealand.

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