Breaking down common misconceptions about medical recruitment agencies

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Despite playing a prevalent role in connecting healthcare professionals with prospective employers, misconceptions about medical recruitment agencies and their operations persist.

Our mission is to make career wellbeing easy for doctors, to free up your time for more important things (like saving lives)! We make the job search process easy, offering a completely free service that includes finding your locum jobs, assisting with paperwork, booking your travel and accommodation, and handling all your logistics.

Here, we aim to dispel some of the common myths surrounding medical agencies and illuminate the advantages we offer to doctors.

1. "Recruitment agencies are just middlemen"

Truth: While agencies do act as intermediaries, their role is far more intricate. We offer bespoke services tailored to the unique needs of each candidate. From matching doctors to the ideal position, assisting with paperwork and negotiations, to providing post-placement support, we offer a support system throughout the job-seeking process.

2. "They prioritise client needs over doctors"

Truth: The best recruitment agencies value a successful placement where both parties benefit. Ensuring that doctors are satisfied and well-suited to their roles ensures longer retention and fewer turnovers – a win for all parties involved.

Life as a doctor demands you give everything, Dr Sam Hazledine learned this first as an intern. Years later Medrecruit was his response. He imagined a medical recruitment agency that helped doctors achieve the best in their career and life. An agency with strong employer relationships and services that supported doctors well beyond a job placement.

3. "Only those unable to find jobs need agencies"

Truth: Many doctors, regardless of their credentials, choose to work with agencies for the convenience, range of opportunities, and expert guidance they offer. Some prefer the flexibility of locum positions, while others enjoy the fact that the agency takes care of all thier logistics so they get precious time back, others for the job matching process and to discover roles that might not be publicly advertised.

4. "Agencies take a big cut from my salary"

Truth: Typically, it's the hiring hospitals or practices that compensate recruitment agencies, not the doctors. Doctors usually receive their agreed-upon rate, while the agency earns a fee from the employer for facilitating the hire.

At Medrecruit, our service is free for doctors. We're paid by hospitals and clinics for our services and are preferred suppliers in several states and areas. Because we have a huge network of doctors, we save clinics and hospitals time (and money) by taking the stress out of the hiring and credentialing process.

5. "All medical recruitment agencies are the same"

Truth: Just as every doctor possesses unique skills and aspirations, every agency operates differently. Some cater to specific specialities, while others may have exclusive relationships with certain hospitals or practices. It's essential to find an agency that aligns with your professional goals and understands your individual needs.

Medrecruit is a full service agency working with doctors of all grades and medical specialities. To ensure that your needs are catered to we have junior doctor specialists and a dedicated team of specialists for each medical speciality. These staff are experts in their respective fields, have great relationships with hospitals and clinics across Australia and New Zealand, and can help you find specialist roles before they reach the market.

Australia and New Zealand offer a wealth of avenues to advance your medical career, with roles tailored to your lifestyle and ambitions. Understanding the benefits of both locum and permanent positions is key to carving your ideal path, or even blending the two.

Leveraging our extensive experience, our team is dedicated to guiding you through the myriad of opportunities in Australasia's medical landscape. Our vast network opens doors to exclusive locum and permanent roles, guaranteeing a match that aligns perfectly with your next career move.

6. "They'll place me anywhere to make a sale"

Truth: Reputable agencies prioritise the right fit over a quick placement. The success of an agency is measured by the satisfaction of both its candidates and clients. Hasty, mismatched placements tarnish their reputation and compromise future business.

At Medrecruit we delve into our doctors career and lifestyle goals to ensure we are placing them in roles that suits, wellbeing and work-life balance are important so we always try and place our doctors thoughtfully with days off inbetween!

7. "Once I've got the job, the relationship ends"

Truth: Many agencies pride themselves on fostering lasting relationships. From continuous professional development opportunities to checks on job satisfaction and future placements, their support often extends well beyond the initial job placement.

Understanding the true role and benefits of a medical recruitment agency is important for doctors seeking to make informed career decisions. By setting aside misconceptions and embracing the genuine advantages they offer, doctors can access an expansive range of opportunities tailored to their individual needs and aspirations.

At Medrecruit, you gain a dedicated recruitment consultant backed by a robust support system. We handle everything from travel coordination to payments. The best part? Our comprehensive services come at no cost to doctors. Choosing the right locum agency can enhance your career, streamlining job searches and ensuring a seamless transition into locum roles. Curious about how a medical recruitment agency can support you? Register, to chat with one of our specialists.

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Medrecruit Editorial Team
08 November 2023Article by Medrecruit Editorial TeamMedrecruit Editor