How locuming can improve your lifestyle

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Seeking a harmonious blend of a rewarding career and vibrant personal life? While it may seem elusive in the medical field, many of our doctors attest that becoming a locum has significantly enriched their lifestyles.

Get time back for the things you love outside of medicine, enhance your lifestyle, and reclaim work-life balance. But don't take our word for it, in a survey conducted in June this year, 91% of our locum doctors said their lifestyle was improved. So how exactly does locum work improve your lifestyle? We explore the main benefits.

1. Flexibility and autonomy

Unlike permanent positions where schedules are often fixed, locuming allows you to choose when and where you work.

For me, I had maybe lost my love for medicine, and being able to locum and have autonomy, and choices, and just do the things that I love has just reignited my love for medicine but also my love for life in general. Dr Dave Homewood.

Fancy a break to explore the scenic coasts of New Zealand or the vast outback of Australia? With locuming, taking extended breaks to travel and working shifts in between becomes a tangible reality.

It enriches my lifestyle because I enjoy travelling and seeing new places, and I also think it is good for my work as a doctor to be able to work in different environments and new hospitals as it improves my medical abilities. Dr Huw John

Some doctors even bring their partners or family along.

A "working holiday" is when my family comes along, and I do a bit of locum work, and then we get some nice time off together. Dr Alf Phillips.

3. Financial rewards

Often, locum positions, especially in remote areas, come with attractive pay rates, given the demand. Locuming offers you a unique financial advantage. With attractive rates and the flexibility to choose when and where to work, many physicians find it a faster route to achieve significant financial milestones. Whether it's saving for a first home, clearing student debts, or even funding further studies and travel adventures, locuming provides an enhanced earning potential. The opportunity to work in diverse locations across Australia and New Zealand can lead to differential pay scales, allowing you to maximise your income. Locuming offers a strategic career step towards financial freedom and stability.

"It means I can save for a house and travel at the same time. It gives me a breadth of experience whilst earning good money." Dr Mikayla Couch.

For most placements, your travel and accommodation costs are covered. This means you get to explore new places with no cost to you.

4. Work-life balance

Many doctors enter locuming to achieve a better work-life balance. The ability to choose assignments allows for more control over working hours, leaving you ample time for family, travel, or personal pursuits.

"I think having the time to let your passions flourish is really important in life. And for me last year, I certainly had that. I think it reinvigorated me and recharged me." Dr Dave Homewood.

5. Support with logistics and administrative burdens

A locum doctor recruitment agency, like Medrecruit, makes the locum process easy for doctors. We offer a completely free service that includes finding you locum jobs, assisting with paperwork, booking your travel and accommodation, and handling all your logistics. This service extends into the placement. If any issues arise while you are on the road our team is on call to sort it all out for you.

Great way to locum. The staff were very engaging and prepared for every little element of the locum placement. Attention to detail and professionalism was second to none," Dr Andrew Thelander.

Embracing the locum lifestyle means more than just flexible work; it's a passport to adventure, balance, and great renumeration! For doctors in Australia and New Zealand, locuming provides a unique opportunity to explore diverse landscapes and communities while honing your skills in varied clinical settings. This freedom translates to better work-life balance, allowing for personal pursuits and rejuvenation. The variety not only enriches your professional journey but also fosters personal growth. Locuming becomes an intertwining of profession and passion, offering a holistic approach to medicine and life.

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Medrecruit Editorial Team
24 October 2023Article by Medrecruit Editorial TeamMedrecruit Editor