You've got the patients, we've got your paperwork

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Paperwork, paperwork, PAPERWORK!

We know you hate paperwork for a multitude of reasons, but mostly because it takes away from your true calling: saving lives.

Every time you have to fill out a form, you feel like you are being relegated to a mere mortal, forced to conform to the bureaucratic whims of the healthcare system. It's like asking Picasso to paint by numbers, and you wouldn't do that, would you?

The irony is not lost on you that you are supposed to heal the sick, but end up getting sick yourselves from the never-ending piles of paperwork.

You'd much rather be diagnosing mysterious illnesses, performing life-saving surgeries, and dispensing medical advice to your patients than waste your time on paperwork. After all, why be a doctor when you can be a superhero?

But as a doctor, there's no escaping it. It's there when you deliver a baby, write out a death certificate, or every time to discharge a patient.

"Everyone has been very friendly and helpful in getting me set up as a locum. There's just heaps of paperwork when you start! You guys seem to have it all covered and easy to complete though," Dr Fiona Stenning, Bendigo Hospital

On top of all that, there's more to do when you start locuming, if only there was someone who could ease the load...That's where we come in:

"Easy to work with, well-organised paperwork, and attention to detail," - Dr Rohit Jain, Geraldton Regional Hospital Western Australia

We can't do all the paperwork for you (we wish we could, because saving lives is so much more important), but what we can do is ease the load. We collate everything you need so you don't spend time chasing documents or have anything missing.

"Very Nice and easy to work with. The paperwork was easy to sort out. And really care about allowing you to live the life and do the work you want. "- Dr Marang Makepe, Maroondah Hospital Victoria

We pre-populate it as much as possible so we can get you back to doing what you do best - seeing patients (and not faffing around with paperwork)

"They make the process easy - from liaising with the hospital to helping with paperwork, and organising travel, etc" - Dr Telena Kerkham, Coffs Harbour Base Hospital

We know, we know Batman didn't do his own paperwork (he had Alfred), and neither should you when you're also out there saving the world. Let us be your Alfred...

"Very helpful with organising logistics and paperwork for a locum. Takes the stress out of dealing with hospital bureaucracy," Dr Leon Rosebery, The Canberra Hospital

If you are sick of meandering through piles of paperwork and would like someone to lessen the load. Register, from job search to locum logistics, we offer a free career support service for doctors (and that includes managing paperwork!)

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Jordy Black
26 February 2023Article by Jordy BlackMedrecruit Editor