Do you have what it takes to become a urologist?

How to become a urologist

It takes somebody special
Like me, baby
To make me say, “I do”
And, baby, you’ve got what it takes

– Dinah Washington, Baby (You’ve Got What it Takes)

Do you have what it takes to become a urologist in Australia or New Zealand? Urology is a highly specialist field, combining a cross-section of skills and attributes. If you’re that special someone who says “I do” to urology, you’ll need to undertake a residency of around five years – this is a little longer than the average residency so it’s important to think about your aptitude for the role before you take on this commitment.

If you’re interested in this specialty, you need to have a keen interest in developing and refining your knowledge and abilities in line with the role of the urologist.  

What it takes to become a urologist in Australia or New Zealand

  • Manual dexterity – You’ll need to develop manual dexterity and excellent hand-to-eye co-ordination to complete complex operations.

  • Good eyesight– Unfortunately, this isn’t a skill you can learn, but urologists do need excellent vision and visuospatial awareness.

  • Communication skills – Like any relationship, you will need excellent communication skills. You’ll also need good leadership skills and the ability to deal with people of all ages.

  • Determination – Urology is typically a long residency and there’s a lot to learn in this field. You will need to be eager to learn and determined to work on your expertise and technical skills.

  • Organisational skills – The ability to manage a busy and demanding role is imperative.   Urology combines medical management knowledge and surgical skills. It’s a complex and demanding role which is rewarding because it is a unique opportunity to learn and use the skills of a physician and a surgeon. It’s this unique challenge, specialist knowledge and mix of duties within a specialist field that many urologists enjoy.

What do urologists in Australia and New Zealand earn?

Because this specialty requires extra study, it is typically well-remunerated and there are good career opportunities for driven doctors.

Depending on your experience and seniority, the average hourly rate for locum urologists is $90 – $130 per hour (AUD). Urologists can earn $350,000 AUD annually – sometimes more depending on hours worked and whether they’re working in private or public hospitals.

Urologists are in demand around the world, and this means there’s interesting and varied opportunities available around the world. Charitable work, locum opportunities and teaching roles are all possibilities if you choose to pursue a career in urology.

Are you that special someone who’s got what it takes to become a urologist?

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Bethany Rogers
11 May 2019Article by Bethany RogersMedrecruit Editor