You can't buy time, but we can give it to you

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You can't buy time. There's no bribing the alarm clock or slipping some cash into your Apple watch. Time doesn't take Venmo, Mastercard, or Bitcoin - it won't even accept a Platinum American Express.

Perhaps Musk or Beezos will find a way to harness it at some point in the future, or artificial intelligence will progress, but for now, time is precious, it's priceless.

You can't buy time, but we can give it to you.

"Easy to work with. Good support. Great lifestyle. Like a working holiday!" Dr Helen Bernhardt, Rotorua Hospital

Pick up shifts around your lifestyle, or in places you want to travel to anyway. There are so many ways that locuming can give you time back for the things that really matter.

"One thing I like about working for Medrecruit in 2023, is that I will be able to pick up some locum shifts in various different areas of Australia (that I want to go to anyway) so it's a good way of funding my travels as well as visiting new places that are interesting to me anyway" explained Dr Huw John of working with Medrecruit.

Arrive at the hospital and know that everything has been organised for you. When you work with a medical recruitment agency, like Medrecruit, we take care of all your logistics, like travel and accommodation (we even assist with the paperwork).

"Good locuming agency. Particularly appreciated the after-hours support when my flights were delayed!" Dr Lucy Ranzenbacher, Launceston General Hospital

We work with you to understand your career and lifestyle goals and then we go to work job searching for you.

"Supportive team flexible enough to meet my ever-changing needs and skills" Said Dr Nyaradzo Manzini of her locum at Grafton Base Hospital.

"Really caring. Try to find you a placement that matches. Give options for accommodation. Always pay on time. Even call on your first day of work to see if everything is ok, " Dr Renee Hyland

By working with an agency, like Medrecruit, you can save time on job search, travel, logistics, and paperwork and gain the autonomy and flexibility that comes with working when and where you want.

Excellent service to the doctors, timely, efficient, and very friendly," Dr Aparna Prasad, Northern Beaches Hospital

Choose when and where you work and use the time you gain to pursue your passions or spend more time with family.

You can't buy time, but we can give it to you.

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Jordy Black
27 February 2023Article by Jordy BlackMedrecruit Editor