Dr Tim Tran: "Locuming is a great opportunity!"

Happy locum doctor

Locum work presents doctors with a plethora of opportunities that go beyond the traditional bounds of a medical career. This flexible approach to healthcare employment is an increasingly popular choice for physicians seeking diversity and autonomy in their professional lives.

Locuming offers an empowering career path for doctors, characterised by diverse clinical experiences, financial benefits, flexibility, and the opportunity for both personal and professional growth.

We caught up with Dr Tim Tran, to find out more about his experiences locuming with Medrecruit.

What was your motivation for locuming?

I was looking for a means of supporting myself whilst doing a bit of travelling.

How has locuming enriched your lifestyle in any way?

It has certainly helped out with my financial situation. I had the opportunity to work at some great locations I otherwise wouldn’t have (e.g. Cairns, as per the above photo). Also, I was already well placed geographically in my downtime to explore Far North Queensland.

Has locuming helped you achieve any financial goals?

Locuming did contribute substantially towards saving for a home deposit.

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Would you have any advice for other doctors who are thinking about locuming?

It’s a great opportunity - careers are long, and diverse experiences (both professional and personal) are always rewarding!

In a video interview Dr Tim Tran said of Medrecruit " particularly memorable was being in Cairns and just having accomodation already provided for me to explore The Great Barrier Reef and the area around Carins." "I also enjoyed having the flexibility to pick and choose the dates that I worked and have time for play."

Jordy Black
20 December 2023Article by Jordy BlackMedrecruit Editor