Dr Andrew Jeklin "locuming allows me to live my 'why'"

Locum doctor in Uganda

Finding one's "why" – the purpose that fuels passion and satisfaction in life – can be a transformative experience. Dr Andrew Jeklin's journey with Medrecruit demonstrates how locuming can open doors not just to professional flexibility but also to fulfilling life missions.

"For me and my life, my "why" has been finding out what I love to do and doing more of it. I love meeting new friends. I love experiencing new cultures. I love learning and finding new ways to do things. I love adventure and the road less travelled," explained Andrew.

For a portion of each year, Dr Andrew Jeklin works as a locum doctor through Medrecruit in Melbourne, so he can save up and return to Uganda, where he volunteers.

"My "why" has led me to Uganda, where I work and volunteer as a doctor at a public hospital and amongst refugees."

Locuming allows Dr Jeklin to choose when and where he works, allowing him to plan his year around his volunteering commitments. Financially, the lucrative locum rates mean he can fund his travel and stay in Uganda, where he can volunteer his medical skills. This unique combination of flexibility and funding makes his dual life possible.

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"Medrecruit has allowed me to come to Uganda and continue living my "why" by finding me regular work in Melbourne close to my house. This allowed me to save money and finance my trip."

"In addition to supporting me to take a break from my training Medrecruit, has supported me with my ongoing projects and work here in Uganda. Which is a commitment to not only the doctors that represent them but also the community and global health."

Having a purpose in life is a fundamental aspect of human wellbeing. When you have a purpose, you have a reason to wake up every morning, a reason that fuels your passion and enthusiasm to face the day.

"I think in life, if we can do what makes us happy and what gives us meaning, we can often find our purpose."

Purpose is a buffer against the adversities and challenges life throws your way and can protect against burnout. It provides the resilience and strength to navigate tough times, offering a lens to see beyond the immediate hurdles.

"I think if you can live your life with purpose or an understanding of what things make you happy, then when you encounter stress or burnout, (which is an emotion of feeling overwhelmed, mentally, or physically exhausted), you’re better suited to prioritise and manage your daily activities, living, and routines so you can get through such temporary states like stress and burnout."

Dr Andrew Jeklin’s journey exemplifies how locuming can be a pathway to discovering and fulfilling one's life purpose. The remaining question is, where could locuming take you?

Jordy Black
19 December 2023Article by Jordy BlackMedrecruit Editor