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Why choose Medrecruit over another agency?

Doctors first, then jobs - that’s the difference,

We help doctors find better permanent and locum job opportunities, have better experiences, and create better lives. We do this by putting the doctor first in everything that we do.

“Medrecruit negotiated on my behalf and ensured that I would be able to start the job after my UK training programme had finished. From this point on, Medrecruit truly was exceptional,” explained Dr Will Beech .

We were created for doctors by a doctor, and we are preferred suppliers to hospitals and GP clinics across Australia and New Zealand.

At Medrecruit our team of experienced Solution Specialists love working with doctors to achieve their goals whether these be career related, financial aspirations or a desirable lifestyle.

“Starting from the moment that I answered my phone, the whole team has been so amazing. They work hard for me to get whatever shifts I want. They are very professional, very humble, they love their jobs. They are just beautiful people. I have been working with Medrecruit for almost six months now and I don’t need to worry about jobs,” said Dr Nay Lwin Htet.

We can offer you a bigger picture:

We shape the future of the profession with doctors at our heart.

“We are expected to be healers but “Physician heal thyself” is real. If we do not ensure a good frame of mind, a healthy lifestyle, and an educated outlook, we are doing not only ourselves but also our colleagues and our patients a disservice,” said Dr Dani Bachmann.

We imagine a world where the medical profession has evolved and doctors are well.

We know how important the health and wellbeing of the industry is and that is why our partner company Medworld campaigned to get the Declaration of Geneva amended to include this.

Medworld exists to improve the wellbeing of the medical profession and every doctor in it. Medrecruit and Medworld are partners because they are part of the wellbeing solution. Career is the largest cause of stress for doctors and Medrecruit makes career wellbeing easy. Medworld continues to advocate for doctor wellbeing and connects the medical community. We are the only agency looking at the bigger picture, addressing the health and wellbeing of the industry, and offering a holistic approach.

An array of jobs - plus exclusive listings

We’re preferred suppliers to hospitals and GP clinics across Australia and New Zealand, this means that we receive an array of jobs as well as additional jobs exclusive to Medrecruit. Our team go out of their way to make sure our doctors get the job that they want and advise which positions could suit any particular lifestyle goals.

"I think Medrecruit has that ability to find that kind of thing for you and support you, which is really fantastic,” Dr Albert Wu said of his placement.

Rewards points

We are one of the only agencies that offer a rewards system to thank our doctors for all the hard work they put in. Be rewarded for every hour that you work on a Medrecruit placement. When a doctor signs up to Medrecruit they are immediately placed in our rewards system and 500 points are earned, this membership is automatic and free. Then, once they complete their first placement with us they are sent a Welcome Pack.

As a part of our rewards programme, points accumulated go towards vouchers that our doctors can spend on whatever things make their life more enjoyable.

Whether it be a spa treatment or a new pair of Nike trainers, it is our hope that these vouchers are a small contribution to the health and wellbeing of our doctors.

Work’s better with friends

We know that work is better with friends, so we want to reward you for referring them. If a friend who you've referred works more than three days with Medrecruit, you’ll automatically receive a gift card when they have finished their first placement. The amount you get depends on the length of your friend’s first placement. To refer a friend login to your dashboard and share your unique URL with them.

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Medrecruit Editorial Team
01 September 2021Article by Medrecruit Editorial TeamMedrecruit Editor