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Article by Julia 25 Apr 2022
Working as a GP

On a typical day, a general practitioner could look after 30 or more patients. They offer consulting and treatment services to patients with an array of ailments in only a short period of time so they need to be decisive and competent.

General practitioners (or GPs) will often have repeat patients so the ability to build rapport with patients, create a safe environment, and be a good listener is integral.

Unlike other specialties, many general practitioners are independent contractors. This means GPs need to have an understanding of how to operate a contracting business.

First things first! Before you submit your application make sure your CV is up-to-date, and once you get an interview, make sure you prep your references. Every GP job interview is going to have different questions, however, below are some GP practice interview questions and suggestions for the answers that will help you prepare for your next GP job interview.

GP practice interview questions

1. Why do you want to work in this particular practice?

You’ll only be able to answer this question satisfactorily if you know a good deal about the practice and the surrounding area. Talk about the features that attracted you to the role; the clinic’s close-knit community or the ability to work in a new team. Avoid being negative – if you hate your current role, keep it to yourself. Negativity is a red flag for interviewers as a miserable attitude doesn’t always disappear with a change of scene.

2. How would complete your clinical and administrative duties on time?

Show your interviewer how valuable time management is to you and explain how you believe it benefits you in your career. Explain how you would plan your work when you have multiple conflicting tasks and how you would prioritise your duties.

3. What would you do if one of your patients could not pay the consultation fee?

Here an interviewer will be looking for you to showcase your interpersonal skills and communication skills. Some suggestions like issuing a bill that can be paid at a later date, suggesting financial hardship options, or letting the patient know that they will not be able to come back for another appointment until it is paid could be helpful.

4. What was it that made you choose general practitioner as your specialty?

A question like this may throw you if you haven't prepared, but the answer is actually really simple. Just be honest. Tell them what you love about working as a GP and why you decided to pursue it. Don't hold back. Let your passion show!

5. Why did you leave/why are you leaving your current GP job?

The trick to answering interview questions about why you're leaving your current GP role is to avoid talking about what you disliked about it. Instead, try answering this question in a way that focuses on the positives you see in a new position. For example, "I want the opportunity to learn new skills," "I want to try a new environment or new location," "I am looking to take on more responsibility"

These are some common questions that you can use to prepare for your next GP interview, if you are working with a medical recruitment agency, like Medrecruit, we will guide you through every step of the interview process and help set you up for a successful application.

To find out more about Australian general practice training, becoming a GP, or other relevant GP training programs visit RACGP and ACRRM.

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Article by Julia Medrecruit Editor
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