How to become a GP in Australia?

Article by Medrecruit Editorial Team19 Dec 2022
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A career as a general practitioner (GP) is highly rewarding because you can come home from work each day knowing you have made a valuable contribution to Australia's communities.

There are many great reasons to specialise in GP, aside from being one of Australia's most sought-after medical specialties, GPs work across a variety of areas of medicine meaning no day is ever the same. Rural GPs are in high demand across Australia, and working a rural GP allows you to give back to Australia's remote and most in-need communities.

How to become a GP in Australia?

To become a GP in Australia you must complete the following:

  • Complete a Bachelor of Medical Studies or Doctor of Medicine.
  • Complete a 1-year internship at a recognised hospital where you will work across different departments.
  • Apply for general registration with the Medical Board of Australia.
  • Undertake 1-2 training as a resident before entering a specialist training program
  • Obtain a GP fellowship. To become a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP). You can choose to include rural practice training in your program, however, this will include a further year of training.

Is it hard to become a GP in Australia?

Becoming a GP is a long road that includes obtaining your medical degree, completing residency training, and then your fellowship, but at the end of it, you will find yourself with an extremely rewarding career with many great job opportunities across Australia.

Are GPs in demand in Australia?

Yes, General Practice is one of the most in-demand specialties across Australia. Practices and clinics are seeking GPs not only in the metro areas but also to work in regional, rural, and remote areas of Australia. Some people in some of these regions currently do not have access to the health and medical services they need. Filling these roles means you will be helping where you are much in need.

How much do GPs earn in Australia?

The average annual salary for GPs in Australia is $350,000. 

GPs with Fellowship recognized by RACGP (Royal Australian College of General Practitioners) with no restrictions can expect to earn around $150 per hour or 70% of the billings, whichever is greater.

Often in permanent roles, you’ll receive a guaranteed amount per hour (around $150) for the first three to four months. After this, you’ll receive the hourly rate or a percentage of the billings, whichever is greater. 

GPs can increase their earnings by taking on locum work or working in rural or remote areas. Locum GPs in Australia are earning between $2000 - $3000 a day.

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