How to get great references for doctor jobs

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If you want to apply for any doctor jobs, you’re going to have to get references that interviewers can call after a successful interview. We know that some doctors get a bit worried about doing this, specifically for locuming, as they’re worried what the consultant might think. Here are a few tips to help the process go a little more smoothly.

Selecting your referees

Selecting your referees should be a well-thought-out task. When deciding on the right people make sure to look for evidence from their previous interactions with you; reports, assessments that would suggest what sort of doctor reference they would give. As silly as it sounds, they also need to be someone who is contactable, you’d be surprised at how many referees are provided that don’t answer calls.

Always ask permission

No one likes to be caught off guard. You need to ask each person if they would be willing to act as a referee for you. It would also be a good idea to explain what they’re providing the reference for and when to expect a call so that they can be prepared. If your referee says they’d rather be contacted at a certain time, or by email, make sure you pass that information on… your referee might not be inclined to give a good reference if they receive an unwanted call in the middle of a busy shift.

A friendly reminder

When it gets closer to the time of your application, give them a quick phone call or email to let them know that they might be contacted soon. This will also be a good reflection on you as it shows that you’re organised and considerate.

Make sure you have options

You’ll know that your bosses are busy people. There’s a possibility that about half of the referees that you provide won’t be able to be contacted for some reason or another. As a rule of thumb, you should provide double the number of doctor references that you’ve been asked for.

Always thank your referees

Your references have been checked, now it’s time to thank them. Regardless of whether you have gotten the job or not, you should take the time to thank all of the people who have given a reference for you. They’ve taken time out of their schedule to help you out. A simple thank you can go a long way in maintaining a good relationship if you ever need them for a future reference.

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Ruby Wilson
18 January 2018Article by Ruby WilsonMedrecruit Editor