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Embarking on a locum journey as a couple offers a unique blend of professional flexibility and personal adventure, making it an appealing path for medical professionals who share their lives inside and outside the hospital. Whether it’s synchronising schedules or selecting locations that cater to individual career goals and personal preferences, locuming as a couple is not just about sharing a journey—it's about multiplying the rewards and dividing the challenges.

Dr Shaan Shaunak is an Australian-based Resident Medical Officer (and Medrecruit locum!) We met him to discuss why he chooses to locum and the benefits of locuming with your partner.

Shaan's choice to become a doctor was driven by the want to pursue an "area that is always evolving and in which we are learning new things. I also wanted a career that was stable and would provide me with career opportunities worldwide (such as Australia!)"

He first heard about locum work from friends and wanted to pursue this career choice for more flexibility and the ability to travel Australia. Shaan's partner is also a doctor. When asked if they locum together, he explained, "we do locum as a couple! Generally, we find this works really well as we have matched rotas, allowing us to remain together while travelling."

"Medrecruit supported us by always striving to find us locums in the same place and with matched rotas. They also helped in terms of accommodation reimbursement, meaning we could stay together."

Locuming is not without its challenges. When asked what he perceives as the biggest challenge when it comes to locuming, Shaan said, "people’s perception of me as just a mercenary! To change this, I have ensured I always give my 100% when working and contribute to the team's goals."

Other potential challenges could include being away from home for periods and adjusting to new hospitals and peers. However, challenges aside, many doctors, including Shaan, say locuming has helped them create a better lifestyle in medicine.

"Locum work has been great for our work-life balance! We have been able to see new areas of Australia with work and been able to have time off to travel to other places whenever we want!"

When asked what his favourite moment of locuming was Shaan exclaimed, "It was getting a job! We found it slightly tough at first, but thanks to our great Medrecruit Solutions Specialist, we got one."

Dr Shaan's advice for other RMO doctors thinking about locuming:

  • "I would recommend locum work in new places! Even though you are working, you are able to see new areas and how life in other places differs!"

  • "My advice would be definitely do it! It’s worth doing and gives you so much freedom. Make sure you listen to your Solutions Specialist as they are experts in the area."

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Jordy Black
26 June 2024Article by Jordy BlackMedrecruit Editor