Your state is in need of locum doctors – can you help?

Four doctors talk about demand for locums in NZ

Covid-19 has resulted in travel restrictions across Australia and New Zealand. In some cases, this has had an impact on how doctors travel to job placements. Doctors are still needed across Australasia, and with new cases growing daily filling locum roles in your own state means you can make a powerful difference where you are needed without having to travel interstate.

“Every State in Australia is currently looking for locum doctors to work in their healthcare facilities. All facilities need locum support in filling their roster needs” said Aoife McMahon, Placement Manager at Medrecruit.

Although cross-border travel is still allowed for essential workers, travel within states is more flexible for essential work, and it’s a great way to explore your own backyard. Leave the city life behind and discover rural Australia – we’re seeing an increase in opportunities at hospitals and clinics in these areas.

**Join the call to arms: **

The rise in Covid cases has resulted in unprecedented demand for locum doctors across Australia, and Medrecruit is still operating as a fully functional agency and placing doctors both in their own states and outside where possible. If you are keen to help we have vacancies in all grades and specialties.

Working in a busy hospital can lead to burnout, and with Covid cases rising daily many hospitals and their doctors need your help to cover extra shifts. Taking on locum shifts in your own state means that our team can structure your shifts around your lifestyle, this means there will be less disruption to your life, whilst still getting all the added benefits of locum work.

**Here are the benefits of locuming in your own state: **

  • You’re closer to home so you can fit the locum shifts around your lifestyle
  • You minimise travel time and time away from family and friends.
  • You’ll be more likely to be familiar with the respective state facilities operating systems and general operating standards, so more likely to hit the ground running with confidence at a new facility.
  • We also find the clients we work with tend to favour local doctors to fill their rostered shifts, as this means hospitals don’t have to organise as much paperwork or complex travel arrangements in comparison to an interstate doctor.

**We’ve got you covered: **

The team at Medrecruit is carefully monitoring advice received from state and our team of solution specialists are available to discuss any queries you have in relation to locum placements and travel.

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Jordy Black
21 July 2021Article by Jordy BlackMedrecruit Editor