PGY-3 doctors in New Zealand, your path to locum work begins now

New Zealand PGY-3 doctor

The RMO rotation dates in New Zealand are different to many parts of the world, with our RMO training year beginning in January/February each year.

For Postgraduate Year 3 (PGY-3) doctors in New Zealand, the chance to step into the world of locum work is now a viable option, opening doors to diverse experiences and a flexible lifestyle. This move marks a significant shift in career dynamics, offering a new realm of professional growth and personal freedom.

The shift to locum work for PGY-3 doctors:

Traditionally, the early years of a medical career are marked by structured, hospital-based training programs. However, the option for PGY-3 doctors to engage in locum work presents an alternative pathway, one that offers both challenges and rewards. Locum work provides a unique platform to apply and enhance clinical skills in varied healthcare settings, from bustling city hospitals to remote community clinics.

"Working as a locum with Medrecruit allows you to choose where and when you work, enabling me to live the life I want," said Dr Sina Karimian

Why choose locum work?

Diverse clinical exposure: Locuming allows you to experience a broad range of medical specialties and healthcare environments, enhancing your clinical skills and knowledge.

Flexibility and work-life balance: One of the most appealing aspects of locum work is the ability to control your work schedule, providing a balance that can lead to improved job satisfaction and personal wellbeing.

“I started as a full-time locum just over a year ago and immediately the lifestyle was kind of amazing," Dr Penzy Dinsdale

Professional networking opportunities: Working in different locations enables PGY-3 doctors to build an extensive professional network, which can be invaluable for your future career opportunities and collaborations.

Attractive financial benefits: Locum positions often come with competitive remuneration, giving early-career doctors a financial advantage.

"I am currently saving for a deposit for my first home. Locuming with Medrecruit has helped me tremendously with achieving this goal." Dr Will Chen

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Personal growth and adventure: Locum work can be an adventure, offering opportunities to travel and explore different parts of New Zealand, all while building a medical career.

"I have been able to surf as little or as much as I want, driving around in a van, I’ve spent heaps of time with my mates, I've had time to go out for nice dinners, surf, rock climb, go to Europe! I’ve had an awesome year. It's been really nice to have good earning potential but also autonomy." Dr Dave Homewood.

Getting started with locum work:

For PGY-3 doctors interested in locum work, the process begins with obtaining the necessary registrations and connecting with a reputable medical recruitment agency, like Medrecruit. We can provide valuable guidance on suitable positions, assist with the logistics of placements, and offer ongoing support throughout the locum experience.

Our service is completely free for doctors. We support you in your first locum role and then we will be there to support you in your next one after that, and the next one after that!

Our Solutions Specialists are there to support you at every stage of your life. As your lifestyle or career goals change they will find you the right roles to match.

The opportunity for PGY-3 doctors in New Zealand to pursue locum work offers a blend of professional development, flexibility, and personal exploration. It empowers you to tailor your career path in ways that align with your individual goals and lifestyles. As this pathway becomes increasingly popular, it’s clear that the traditional trajectory of medical careers is evolving, offering more dynamic and varied experiences for upcoming medical professionals.

Medrecruit Editorial Team
19 December 2023Article by Medrecruit Editorial TeamMedrecruit Editor