B Corp Certification means accountability in the health workforce crisis

Doctor in Queesntown

Medrecruit is leading the way when it comes to medical staffing and B Corp certification, a designation that an organisation has been recognised globally as operating at the highest standard for social corporate responsibility.

Medrecruit's founder, Dr Sam Hazledine, says,

“It aligns with our mission of doing everything we can to play our part in solving the staffing crisis, and it shows that we aren’t afraid to be held accountable to that mission.”

In 2017, Medrecruit made news by successfully campaigning to amend the Declaration of Geneva to include the “health and wellbeing of the doctor.”

The healthcare staffing crisis facing Australia and New Zealand has become widely acknowledged by those inside and outside the industry. The key areas that helped Medrecruit gain B Corp certification were going beyond placements to try and make a difference in doctors' lives and an emphasis on placing doctors in rural, remote, and under-served areas.

“In these areas, sometimes a placement can mean the difference between care or no care, so far, we have placed over 23,000 doctors in areas classed as underserved or disadvantaged,”

explained Medrecruit Managing Director Richard Clark.

With over 7,000 certified companies in over 90 countries, the B Corp movement is growing fast worldwide. There are over 750 B Corps in Australia, Medrecruit is the first solely medical recruitment agency in the world to become B Corp certified.

“We know that we need to go beyond staffing to make a real difference; that’s why we are also investing heavily in technology,” says Dr Hazledine.

Once gaining B Corp Certification, organisations are assessed and held accountable every three years. To become a B Corp, your business must have clear social or environmental goals. You must be willing to be managed transparently and accountable to stakeholders, including the local community.

“As entrepreneurs, we are responsible for using our skill, innovative thinking, to constantly reimagine our industry and to come up with better ways to leave the world a better place than we found it,”

says Dr Hazledine.

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Jordy Black
25 September 2023Article by Jordy BlackMedrecruit Editor