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Dr will Beech - Why Doctors move to NZ

As August of 2020 approached, and I realised I only had 6 months left of my core training in the Anaesthesia programme left, it dawned upon me that this was probably the time to start getting the ball rolling if I was really serious about moving to the other side of the world.

New Zealand has always fascinated me as a country, despite not having visited before (well not until I made the move here!). A combination of reasons including the great outdoors lifestyle, amazing natural scenery and unique history drew me here. In addition to this, if I am honest, New Zealand’s world-leading response to the Covid pandemic also helped convince me that this was a good place in the world to aim for.

So August 2020, I sent out a few emails to different hospitals around New Zealand. I either received replies saying that I had just missed the recruitment window, or that it would be a while until the next window. Therefore, I decided to approach Medrecruit after having read superb reviews about them online. I filled in the online form via their website and all that was left was to wait for the reply.

Wow! A day later Jess had emailed me to ask when a good time would be to call so we could have a chat to discuss exactly what sort of job I was looking for. My broad criteria were for a registrar post in Anaesthetics and at a hospital near some great ski fields!

Within a couple of weeks, Jess got in touch with me to say that Southland Hospital had read through my cover letter and CV and was keen to contact me for a telephone interview. The interview was very different to anything I have experienced back in the UK – my interviewer was very quick to say how impressed they were with my CV, and a big part of the interview was chatting about all the reasons I wanted to move to New Zealand… a keen interest in exploring the outdoors is vital I was told!

A week later… I was told I had the job! Despite the fact I was not able to start the job for another few months… Medrecruit negotiated on my behalf and ensured that I would be able to start the job after my UK training programme had finished. From this point on, Medrecruit truly were exceptional. There is a fair amount of paperwork to do, but Medrecruit guides you through the process and ensures that the hospital has all the information they need. Also, Medrecruit even put me in touch with an immigration advisor for a free consultation – this advice proved invaluable as I have spoken to countless doctors since being here who have ended up on a suboptimal visa!

The beginning of February 2021 arrived… and it was time for me to now get on the plane. Next stop, 2 weeks in an Auckland Managed Isolation Facility! 2 weeks in isolation was a small price to pay for the freedom that would follow! All the isolation staff were so helpful, and the food at the place I was staying was top notch. Fridays were the best – chips, burger and a complimentary beer!

The 2 weeks flew by and before I knew it, it was my first day at Southland Hospital, in Invercargill. It was not until I arrived here, that I really appreciated how fortunate I had been to have secured a job here. It is perfectly situated to many of the gems of New Zealand – Queenstown and the amazing ski fields (2 hours North), The Catlins (1 hour 15 mins East) and Fiordland (2 hours North West) just to name a few! Invercargill itself is cool too, with plenty of places to eat out and a really friendly community.

The job itself has been superb. Having worked here for 2 and a half months now, I was very quickly made to feel at home in the department, with very supportive consultant colleagues. Moreover, the whole hospital is a relatively small and close-knit community. At Southland Hospital, there are great relations between departments, and it is a lovely and very friendly place to work.

I would highly recommend Medrecruit to anyone who is looking to make the big move to the Southern Hemisphere! They helped me throughout the entire process and secured me the perfect job in New Zealand. Even since arriving here, Medrecruit has been in touch with me to check in with me and hear about how the job and life, in general, is going! Medrecruit gives a 5-star service and I would recommend them highly!

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Dr Will Beech
14 June 2021Article by Dr Will BeechMedRecruit Editor