How much do junior doctors make?

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The medical profession in Australia offers a wide range of career opportunities, with junior doctors representing the early stages of this rewarding and demanding field. Salaries for junior doctors in Australia can vary significantly depending on factors such as experience, location, and the type of healthcare facility in which they work.

A junior doctor, or resident medical officer's, salary often varies depending on where they are located and whether they are doing permanent or locum work. This article explores the salary range for junior doctors across various Australian cities, as well as the progression to consultant doctor roles.

How much do junior doctors make in Australia?

Entry-level doctor salary in Australia: As a junior doctor, also known as an entry-level doctor, you can expect to earn a salary that reflects your level of experience and training. In Australia, the average annual salary for an entry-level doctor typically falls within the range of AUD$70,000 to AUD$100,000. On a monthly basis, this translates to approximately AUD$5,800 to AUD$8,300 before tax.

How much a junior doctor can make varies, depending on their specialty. The highest-paid specialty in Australia is surgery closely followed by other in-demand specialties including emergency medicine, general medicine, psychiatry, and anaesthetics.

Doctor salary also varies from state to state. For an annual base salary, Western Australia pays juniors the highest – around $85,000 a year – whereas working as a junior doctor in Tasmania you will earn around $72,000. Although Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria pay resident doctors similar wages, there are other benefits to consider. For example, Victoria has financial provisions for junior doctors’ professional development. Rates also vary between states for locum work with Tasmania having the highest hourly rates.

Junior doctor salary in Melbourne and Perth

Geographical location plays a significant role in determining the salary of junior doctors. In Melbourne, the average annual salary for a junior doctor ranges from AUD$75,000 to AUD$105,000, while in Perth, the average salary falls within a similar range, from AUD$73,000 to AUD$103,000. The slight variation in salaries between these cities can be attributed to factors such as living costs, demand for medical professionals, and the availability of resources.

Part-time and full-time junior doctor salaries

The working hours of junior doctors can also influence their earnings. Those who choose to work part-time may earn a pro-rata salary based on the number of hours worked. Conversely, full-time junior doctors can expect to earn a higher overall salary, with potential opportunities for overtime and additional allowances.

General practitioner and medical officer salaries

As junior doctors progress in their careers, they may choose to specialise in fields such as general practice or take up positions as medical officers. General practitioners in Australia can earn an average salary of AUD$100,000 to AUD$200,000 per year, depending on their experience and location. Medical officers, who often work within public health institutions or the military, can expect to earn a similar salary range.

Consultant doctor salary in Australia

Junior doctors who complete their training and specialise in a specific field may progress to become consultant doctors. These professionals possess advanced skills and expertise, and as such, command higher salaries. The average annual consultant doctor salary in Australia ranges from AUD$200,000 to AUD$500,000, depending on their specialisation and reputation.

Progressing from junior doctor to consultant doctor

The path from junior doctor to consultant doctor requires dedication, hard work, and continuous professional development. In addition to completing their medical degree, junior doctors must undertake an internship, followed by several years of postgraduate training in their chosen field. Once they have obtained the necessary qualifications and registrations, they can pursue a consultant role, which offers increased remuneration and greater responsibility within the healthcare system.

How much do junior doctors make in New Zealand?

A junior doctor in New Zealand makes around $80,000 – $140,000 a year.

In New Zealand, how much a junior doctor makes will depend on their specialty and whether they are undertaking locum or permanent roles. On average, a junior doctor in New Zealand with up to three years of experience can expect to earn a compensation of NZ$85,000 gross per year.

In New Zealand, rates are largely based on government policies. Rates can vary due to late notice requirements or high demand to fill a role.

How can junior doctors make more money?

There are ways a junior doctor can increase earnings through penalty overtime or weekend shifts. Locum work is a great way to earn more by working extra shifts alongside a usual role.

Locuming also provides the opportunity to travel, learn and work in different settings. It could be the ideal opportunity for junior doctors to discover their preferred ways of working and their ideal location.

Locum rates vary for a number of reasons, including the urgency of the shift, the amount of notice provided, public holidays, and the specialty. Rates can also range between different states and territories.

In Australia, a junior doctor (RMO) can make $90 - $150 an hour doing locum work.

In New Zealand, a junior doctor (RMO)can make $70 - $115 an hour doing locum work.

Junior doctors can expect to earn a competitive salary that reflects their level of experience and training. Salaries for junior doctors can vary significantly depending on factors such as geographical location, type of healthcare facility, and working hours. As junior doctors progress in their careers and specialise in specific fields, their earning potential increases, with consultant doctors commanding higher salaries due to their advanced skills and expertise. With a commitment to professional growth and development, junior doctors can successfully navigate the medical profession in Australia and New Zealand and enjoy a rewarding and lucrative career.

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15 April 2022Article by Julia Medrecruit Editor