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Whatever your lifestyle or career goals in are, our general physician jobs team exists to help you discover them. Get access to the largest network of specialist consultant general medicine jobs in Australia & New Zealand, double the next largest agency.

Meet your Australian General Medicine/Physician Specialists
Meet Rhiannon Turner

I enjoy matching the job to suit the professional and personal goals of general physicians and seeing the benefits of a better work/life balance.

Medical Recruiter
Louise Anker

I am passionate about working alongside all sub-specialties in medicine. I love the challenge of finding new locations for my doctors to explore, searching for the right role to fit available dates, finding fun family-friendly working holidays, and helping our more remote locations find cover and assistance.

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Jennifer Holmes

Every day is an opportunity to work with incredible physicians, a chance to influence cultures, and positively impact our doctors and hospitals. physicians are an integral part of our hospitals, and it is incredibly satisfying to be able to present them with opportunities to further advance their careers, and or support their work-life balance and financial goals

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The general physician consultant market in Australia

Consultant general physicians are in demand and have the ability to earn good money in Australia.

The average specialist general physician's salary is $268,125, locum general physicians are earning up to $3,500 a day with travel and accommodation covered.

Latest general medicine jobs in Australia

Specialist Consultant

General medicine/physician

  • Grafton, New South Wales AU
  • Locum
  • $3,000 per day
  • NOW ~ 09 Jun 2023
Situated in New South Wales (NSW), this 103-bed hospital provides care to over 12,500 patients every year. The hospital undertakes over 3,300 surgical procedures and sees over 24,700 emergency attendances  There are multiple services including: • Medical • Surgical • Paediatric • Maternity • High...

Specialist Consultant

General medicine/physician

  • Port Lincoln, South Australia AU
  • Locum
  • $268 per hour
  • 22 Jul 2023 ~ 31 Jul 2023
Work and live in Australia’s sea food capital.                     Great beaches, excellent seafood and abundant sea life: what’s not to love? This hospital serves a bustling port town that’s known for its wildlife and seafood industry. If you love the ocean, there’s plenty to see and do here when...

Specialist Consultant

General medicine/physician

  • Geraldton, Western Australia AU
  • Locum
  • $2,600 per day
  • 03 Jul 2023 ~ 20 Aug 2023
This 68-bed regional hospital is located within a coastal city in the Midwest region of Western Australia (WA), located 420 km from Perth. There are multiple services including: • Accident and Emergency • Aged Care • Mental Health • Population Health • Acute • Surgical • Paediatrics and...
Meet your New Zealand general medicine/ physician specialist
Meet Dominique Ross

I love that no day is the same. Physicians are at diverse stages with diverse goals that we can work towards.

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The general physician consultant market in New Zealand

Consultant general physicians are in demand and have the ability to earn good money in New Zealand.

The average specialist general physician's salary is $219,000 per year, however, those in private practice have the ability to earn more.

Latest General Medicine jobs in New Zealand

Specialist Consultant

General medicine/physician

  • Thames, North Island NZ
  • Locum
  • $2,400 per day
  • NOW ~ 01 Aug 2023
Located in the heart of New Zealand, this public hospital is a leading healthcare provider in the region. The hospital is situated in a picturesque location, surrounded by lush greenery and scenic landscapes. The hospital is well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and advanced medical...

Specialist Consultant

General medicine/physician

  • Whangarei, North Island NZ
  • Locum
  • $2,000 per day
  • 14 Aug 2023 ~ 04 Feb 2024
Located in the beautiful city of Whangarei, our public hospital is a leading healthcare provider in New Zealand. Our hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and advanced medical technologies to provide the best possible care to our patients. We have a team of highly skilled and...

Specialist Consultant

General medicine/physician

  • Camberley, Hastings, North Island NZ
  • Locum
  • $1,500 per day
  • 11 Sep 2023 ~ 01 Dec 2023
This 400-bed hospital is responsible for the planning and delivery of health and disability services in the Hawke's Bay area. It employs 2500 people and offers a range of services, the majority of services are offered at the hospital. Services include: • Emergency Department • ICU •...
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Great service, fantastic communication, very personal, and dealt well with troubleshooting.

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Cathryn O'Sullivan , Specialist Consultant, General Medicine/Physician
Locuming offers work on your terms.
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Take control of where and when you work for a better work/life balance. Placements last anything from a few hours to a year. Make good money while considering your next move. We can show you ways of working that you may not have considered.

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Travel with your work. Thousands of placements are now available in hospitals, clinics and medical centres across Australia and New Zealand. Experience life in a different town, city or country. Spend more time doing the things you love, or with the people you love.

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Explore diverse and interesting areas of medicine. Discover a new career path and try different working environments. Feel appreciated and share your time and skills with a community that needs your expertise.

Doctors first. Then Jobs. That's our difference.

Life as a doctor demands you give everything. Dr Sam Hazledine learned this first as an intern. Years later Medrecruit was his response. Sam successfully lobbied the World Medical Association to amend the Declaration of Geneva (the modern-day Hippocratic Oath) to include:

I will attend to my own health, wellbeing, and abilities in order to provide care of the highest standard.

Medrecruit continue to advocate for, educate and work towards better health and wellbeing for all doctors.

Dr Kevin Naidoo - working as a locum surgeon
Our Doctors
The search for a better lifestyle as a general surgeon. Dr Kevin Naidoo shares his journey from South Africa to NZ
Article by Dr Kevin Naidoo | 14 May 2021