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We have locum and permanent positions in hospitals across the incredibly stunning and diverse state of Western Australia.

Locuming in Western Australia, often called the Wild West due to its vast, untamed landscapes and spirited lifestyle, offers an extraordinary adventure for doctors seeking professional growth and personal exploration. This vast state, covering one-third of the Australian continent, presents unique healthcare challenges due to its sprawling distances and diverse communities, making it a fascinating place for medical professionals to practice.

Let us take you to the Wild West, where there is much to experience, from deserts and rock formations to ancient Aboriginal sites. Sample wine and cuisine at sweeping green vineyards or surf and sun on the shores of the many pristine beaches.

Why go West?

The opportunity to locum in Western Australia means stepping into roles where you are deeply needed, contributing to communities that might otherwise struggle to access comprehensive healthcare services. The state's health system relies significantly on locum doctors to fill gaps in both urban centres and remote areas, providing a wide range of clinical experiences from emergency medicine in bustling city hospitals to general practice in rural settings. The financial incentives for locuming in Western Australia are compelling, with competitive rates that often exceed those in more densely populated regions. This, coupled with the flexibility of locum work, allows you to balance lucrative employment and the freedom to explore the breathtaking landscapes of Western Australia, from the iconic beaches of the Indian Ocean to the ancient rock formations of the Kimberley.

Beyond the financial benefits, locuming in Western Australia offers unparalleled opportunities for professional development. You can gain experience in Indigenous health, remote medicine, and unique clinical situations not found elsewhere. These experiences enhance your CV and enrich your personal and professional growth, offering insights into healthcare delivery in diverse settings.

Where is the work?

We have locum, both short and long-term vacancies and permanent positions at the following Western Australian hospitals and more.

  • Broome Hospital: We have permanent and locum roles available at this amazing location. Known for Cable Beach, Broome is a gateway to the wild Kimberley region. Red dirt meets waters of aqua, and activities range from world-class diving to desert camel rides.

  • Esperance Hospital: This is a great hospital that is offering competitive rates. On your days off, experience some of Australia's whitest beaches and clearest waters, or take a trip to Lake Hillier, a naturally bright pink lake.

  • Busselton Hospital: Only 2.5 hours from Perth, this hospital offers great rates and the best of both worlds. Nestled at the top of the famous wine region of Margaret River, you can experience the finest in cuisine, walk the 1.8 kilometre-long, heritage-listed jetty above a sparkling ocean, or take a day trip to Perth on your days off.

  • Albany Regional Hospital: Learn new skills and work at a hospital in Western Australia's oldest European settlement. Earn more money and enjoy the beauty of a region known for its beaches with their pure white sands.

  • Sir Charles Gairdner, Osborne Park and King Edward Hospitals: Learn new skills in these state-of-the-art Perth Hospitals and experience a city where white-sand beaches and scenic parks meet a thriving metropolis of small bars, creative restaurants, and curated street art.

What specialties are in high demand

We are seeing a demand for Emergency Medicine for both junior and senior doctors, General Medicine, Cardiology, Respiratoryalso for both junior and senior doctors. We also seek O&G and General Surgery Junior and Seniors, GP ED/Anaes/O&G Specialists, Anesthetists, Psychiatry SMO, and Consultants

If you want to mix your career with adventure, learn new skills in new hospitals and earn more money, contact one of our team today.

Create work-life balance with road trips and outback adventures, explore magnificent rock formations, arid landscapes, and unique desert wildlife or embrace the best of both worlds in Perth, where soft-sand beaches and scenic parks meet a city of bars, restaurants, and art galleries.

We have both short—and long-term vacancies available. Travel and accommodation are usually provided, with some positions paying up to AUD $3,500 a day.

Locum doctors are earning up to $4000/day. How does your salary compare? Find out in our free 2024 Australian Doctor Job Market.
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02 April 2024Article by Medrecruit Editorial TeamMedrecruit Editor