Busted: common myths about working with a medical recruitment agency

What is it like working in Medical Recruitment

When it comes to the time of looking for new doctor jobs, you’ll need to make the decision of whether to register with a medical recruitment agency. While researching recruitment you might run into a few recurring myths about agencies. But that is exactly what they are… myths. Here are the truths behind some of the most popular ones.

It will cost you money

Some agencies will charge you for their service, we are not one of them. Because we’re a free service to you as a doctor, we often get asked how we as an agency get paid. We charge the hospital or clinic a fee, not the doctor. Everything we do, our entire service is at no charge to you.

There are three types of payment methods a hospital or clinic may choose to engage you under:

  1. Paid by the hospital or clinic as an employee

  2. Paid by the hospital or clinic as a contractor

  3. Paid by Medrecruit as a contractor

These payment methods will be discussed fully with you prior to your locum placement starting. Here at Medrecruit we also have a dedicated accounts team who work with you to ensure efficient and timely payment, and who are always available to answer any of your questions.

You’ll get less pay

The hospital or clinic pays us a fee, so will they try to make up that gap by paying you, the doctor less? Definitely not! As a recruitment agency for doctor jobs, we will always negotiate a rate that is equal to, if not more than previous placements. As well as rate negotiations, we also have the inside knowledge of extras such as travel and accommodation that can be provided.

Locuming typically pays very well and can be a great way to save extra cash.

A recruiter won’t mind if I am registered with 99 other agencies

It’s believed that if they aren’t loyal to one agency then maybe they can’t be trusted. Check out the agencies available, and make a decision based on which one you think has the best chance of helping you get what you want.

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Emily Watkinson
06 February 2018Article by Emily WatkinsonMedrecruit Editor