Top physicians to follow in digital health

Medical influencers to follow

In the evolving landscape of digital health, staying informed and connected is more important than ever for medical professionals. As technology continues to reshape the healthcare industry, these are just some of the many doctors who stand out for their contributions and insights into this transformation.

Following these physicians on social media can provide valuable perspectives, innovative strategies, and a deeper understanding of how digital tools and platforms revolutionise education.

There are many amazing doctors making a difference in the digital health space, however, this article highlights a curated list of influential doctors in Australia and New Zealand who Medrecruit or Medworld has interviewed. Their work in the social media and digital health education space is immensely educative and inspiring for fellow doctors.

In no particular order, these are just some of the doctor "influencers" from Australia and New Zealand that we love following!

Dr Mikayla Couch - Digital literacy for doctors

Dr Mikaya Couch (Australia) is a women’s health expert, proud Bundjalung woman and the host and creator of the podcast BLA.C.K. Medicine. She runs her personal Instagram and Hello Social. It focuses on empowering health experts online, providing health marketing strategy, and showing other doctors wanting to enter the digital space how to boost their impact and attract clients. Follow Mikayla at: @hellosocialmedical @doctormikayla

Mama Doctor Jones - Women's health

Dr Danielle Jones (New Zealand), known online as (Mama Doctor Jones) is a multi-channel social influencer with a couple of million followers. She’s an American (OB/GYN) living and working in Southland in New Zealand. Danielle uses her platform to address the challenging areas of medicine, and she does it very engagingly. She also uses her platform for advocacy. Follow Danielle at: @mamadoctorjones

“A single post reaches more people than I would ever reach in my clinical career, which is a huge opportunity and a big responsibility.” Dr Jones told Medworld

Dr Ash Bowden - Health and fitness

Dr Ash Bowden(Australia), who is known online as (Doctor Do More) is very active on social media. He uses his platform to educate about the benefits of getting active from a trusted position as a doctor. Follow Ash at: @doctordomore

"I’ve found social media has created a platform for more anecdotes which, although not good for directing individual treatment, is very good at acknowledging and validating the feelings of people in similar situations. I personally share that I’ve had difficult times with mental health and that I see a psychologist, and I’ve received very positive responses from followers grateful and empowering that I’m being open about it" Dr Ash Bowden

Dr Henry Kurtze - Trauma recovery

Nine months ago, Dr Henry Kurtze (Australia) and his team launched a trauma-informed meditation app that has delivered over 18,000 sessions worldwide. Now, they are turning their sights on creating a new website to help users understand the effects of trauma on the body and mind. Wombat Telehealth psychology clinic went live recently, and they are taking on new patients who are experiencing symptoms related to trauma, PTSD and burnout. Follow Henry and Wombat at: @wombatapp

Dr Nisi Prescott - General Health

Dr Vanisi Prescott (New Zealand) has always wanted to be a voice for her family and her community, and now, she’s a GP and TikTok sensation with a following of over 75k fans. Follow Nisi at: @dr.nisiprescott

"I also know a lot of people struggle with self-image or believing in themselves to be better or to chase their dreams, so my goal was to help inspire those who were in my shoes to do exactly that: chase your dreams, have a positive mindset and don’t let anyone deter you." Dr Prescott told Medworld.

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Dr Nina Su - Healthcare systems

Dr Nina Su (New Zealand) is a paediatric and emergency junior doctor in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Working within healthcare systems that increasingly felt "like a revolving door" inspired Nina to create her podcast "Revolving Door Syndrome" Revolving Door Syndrome podcast brings you engaging dialogue from people who work in or have experienced these systems focussing on systemic issues and potential solutions, to inequities for vulnerable groups. Follow Nina at: @dr.ninasu and @revolvingdoorsyndrome

Dr Amran Dhillon - Junior doctor advocacy

With broad interests in fashion, fitness, sport, music and dance. Dr Amran Dhillon (Australia) is a medical influencer involved in junior medical workforce advocacy.

"I will always continue to be a strong voice and help improve junior doctor welfare.” Dr Dhillon told Medworld.

Dr Skye Kinder - Rural medicine

Dr Skye Kinder (Australia) is an inspirational advocate for rural and marginalised patients and their communities. With a background in mental health, she combines her clinical work with writing and speaking, earning her recognition as an award-winning health commentator. Follow Skye at: @drskyekinder

Dr Sarah Arachchi - Motherhood and medicine

Melbourne-based paediatrician Sarah Arachchi is a busy mum of two. As a young student, she was drawn to medicine because she loved working with people and wanted to help change the community in which she was raised. She became a paediatrician because she loves working with children. She uses digital media to document her journey as a mum in medicine and paediatrician. Follow Sarah at: @kidsdoctorsarah

Dr Mariam Chaalan - General health

On top of her clinical work, Dr Chaalan (Australia) leverages her social media platform (@ask.the.dr) to share up-to-date, evidence-based medical information with the online community. She is dedicated to making accurate and accessible health information available to everyone, furthering her mission of providing the best possible care to her patients. Follow Mariam at: @ask.the.dr

The reality is that many people are inclined to make decisions based on things they see on social media. If the noise is loudest and most influential on these social media engines, then we health professionals need to make more effort to engage in these digital platforms to provide appropriate up to date evidence-based medicine, that is accessible to the online community. Dr Mariam Chaalan told Medworld.

Dr Sandro Demaio - Global health

Alessandro Demaio, known as Sandro, is a doctor on an unconventional path who’s having a big impact in global public health. He's on a mission to put non-communicable diseases (NCDs) on the public's agenda. Follow Sandro at: @sandrodemaio

Following other doctors on social media offers invaluable insights and perspectives from the medical community globally. It fosters a sense of camaraderie, provides a platform for sharing the latest medical research, trends, and clinical experiences, and opens doors to mentorship and networking opportunities.

For doctors, this digital engagement can lead to professional growth, increased awareness of diverse medical practices, and support through the shared challenges of the medical profession.

Medrecruit Editorial Team
28 February 2024Article by Medrecruit Editorial TeamMedrecruit Editor