Dr Mikayla Couch: "The Travelling Locum"

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Dr Mikaya Couch is a women’s health expert, proud Bundjalung woman and the host and creator of the podcast BLA.C.K. Medicine. She has just released an insightful new E-book last week, "The Travelling Locum," opening up the world of locum work to medical practitioners everywhere. Stemming from her personal journey and experiences, the book provides an illuminating exploration of locum work and its potential benefits.

A journey into locuming

Dr Couch's foray into locum work came in the aftermath of a burnout from a strenuous surgery job. Seeking to explore other fields of medicine to steer her career path, she took an Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G) locum Senior Resident Medical Officer (SRMO) role in Sydney, marking her initiation into the locum world. "I was very lucky to get it," she explained.

Locuming: a lifestyle enrichment

Locum work, according to Dr Couch, has significantly enriched her lifestyle. "It means I can save for a house and travel at the same time. It gives me a breadth of experience whilst earning good money." The financial and personal benefits of locum work have led her to express satisfaction with her locum life. " I am very happy with the locum life," she exclaimed. This lifestyle enrichment was one of the reasons she felt passionate about creating the E-book.

The inspiration behind "The Travelling Locum"

Dr Couch was inspired to pen "The Travelling Locum" to enlighten others about the intricacies of locum work. "I wanted to write a book to inspire and educate others on locum work because I have found it a bit difficult to navigate especially because it’s usually a business adventure that you have to sort out yourself." Through her book, she aims to ease this process for others, offering valuable insights and tips.

One of Dr Couch's standout locum experiences was at Lismore Base, where she worked as an O&G registrar. She fondly remembers the team she worked with, emphasising the impact of positive work environments in locum assignments. "They were very accepting and very kind and fun to work with."

Learning from "The Travelling Locum"

Aspiring locum doctors can expect to garner "practical tips" to establish the perfect locum setup for themselves from Dr Couch's book. In the book she covers: choosing your agency, navigating paperwork, pre-requisities, do's & don'ts, and what to do on your first day.

With her wealth of experience, she offers a roadmap to navigate the nuances of locum work effectively.

The role of medical recruitment agencies in locum work

Highlighting the importance of medical recruitment agencies, Dr Couch stated that working with an agency makes the transition into locum work significantly smoother." It is 100% better with a locum agency," she explains. These agencies assist in finding placements and accommodations, taking the hassle out of the practitioners' hands, making the entire process more efficient and manageable.

Advice for aspiring locum doctors

Dr Couch offers these points of advice for asipiring locum doctors:

  • Take your time finding the right agency and person to work with
  • The paperwork is a lot so allocate time for that
  • Enjoy your locum time before you go back into training

If you are thinking about locuming and want some more advice for doctors, from a doctor. You can purchase "The Travelling Locum" here.

"The Travelling Locum" serves as a valuable guide for those contemplating the path of locum work. By sharing her personal experiences and insights, Dr Mikaya Couch provides an empowering roadmap to navigate this fulfilling and enriching journey.

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15 May 2023Article by Julia Medrecruit Editor