PGY-2 doctors in Australia: Embrace the opportunities of locuming

Locum doctor

Did you know that if you have just moved into PGY-2 in Australia, you can now locum?

With a new medical year starting in February, you may be soon moving into Postgraduate Year 2 (PGY-2). As a PGY-2, you are at a pivotal point in your career, where gaining diverse experiences becomes important. The exciting news is that you are now eligible to embark on locum work, opening a world of opportunities that extends beyond the confines of traditional residency programs.

The shift to locum work:

The transition to locum roles can be a significant change for PGY-2 doctors. Locum work offers a dynamic and flexible approach to medical practice, allowing you to explore various healthcare settings, from metropolitan hospitals to rural clinics. This variety not only enhances clinical skills but also broadens understanding of different patient demographics and healthcare systems.

"Working as a locum with Medrecruit allows you to choose where and when you work, enabling me to live the life I want. Be that tending to patients, travelling around NZ, being outdoors, or seeing friends. Plus, you get paid well." Explained Medrecruit locum Dr Sina Karimian.

Benefits of locuming for PGY-2 doctors:

Diverse clinical exposure: Locum positions provide you with the opportunity to experience different medical specialties and working environments, which is invaluable for your professional development.

Travel: For most placements, your travel and accommodation costs are covered. This means you get to explore new places with no cost to you.

"Locuming has allowed me to travel to different areas of Australia where I wouldn’t normally go due to cost and other factors. I have visited many beaches, the outback of Australia, mining towns, etc." Dr Kevin Wu.

Flexibility and autonomy: Locuming allows you to choose when and where you work, offering a balance between professional commitments and personal life.

"I think one of the things I loved most about my locum year was that I rediscovered lots of my passions that I have, whether it be surfing, travelling, or music." Dr Dave Homewood explained.

Professional networking: Working in various locations enables you to build a vast professional network, connecting with peers and mentors across the country.

Financial incentives: Locum roles often come with competitive remuneration, giving you an early-career financial boost.

"Locuming helped me save for our first house and made my income look good enough for the bank loan." Dr Euphemia Floresca

Career exploration: For those undecided on a specialty, locuming provides you with a unique opportunity to explore different areas of medicine before committing to a specific path.

How to get started:

For PGY-2 doctors interested in locum work, the first step is to connect with a reputable medical recruitment agency, like Medrecruit. We can provide guidance on suitable positions, handle the paperwork, and offer support throughout the placement process.

Dr Mikayla Couch offers these points of advice for asipiring locum doctors:

  • Take your time finding the right agency and person to work with
  • The paperwork is a lot so allocate time for that
  • Enjoy your locum time before you go back into training

Locuming offers a pathway for early-career doctors, like yourself, to enrich your clinical experience, expand your professional networks, and enjoy a more flexible career. For those looking to diversify their medical journey and explore the vast landscape of healthcare in Australia, locuming is an opportunity not to be missed.

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Medrecruit Editorial Team
05 December 2023Article by Medrecruit Editorial TeamMedrecruit Editor