Highest physician salary Australia - find out how yours compares

Article by Bethany Rogers26 Jul 2022
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Highest physician salary Australia: find out how yours compares

General medicine specialists have good earning potential in 2022.

Also known as internal medicine doctors or general medicine physicians, there’s plenty of good job opportunities in Australia.

The salary for a general medicine specialist in Australia depends on the number of hours you work, your training, and where you work.

Typical pay rates for locum general physicians and internal medicine doctors are:

Resident medical officers (RMO): $80 – $150 per hour Registrars: $100 – $180 per hour Consultant general medicine physicians: $2,000 – $27,000 per day

Internal medicine specialists in Australia earn an average salary of $250,000 - $350,000. You can expect to earn from $200,000 to more than $500,000 in a salaried general physician role.

How physicians can increase their salary

How much you get paid as a general medicine specialist depends on a number of different factors. How many hours you work, where you work, your training background, and seniority all have an impact on how much money you can earn.

Here’s how you could earn more:

General medicine is a diverse and challenging specialty. The broad nature of this speciality means there are many areas of medicine for you to explore. Doing further training in a subspecialty can help boost your job (and earning) opportunities.

Private hospital positions tend to pay more than public hospitals, however, lots of physicians find public hospital work more rewarding. Mixing public and private work could be the key to increasing your income and still getting lots of satisfaction out of your work.

Gain experience in different locations. General medicine specialists with broad knowledge and experience are in higher demand and can expect higher pay.

If you’re in a salaried role, take on locum work to boost your income. You’ll also gain more experience (and contacts), helping you to further your career opportunities.

Work in a rural hospital. This is where you’re most needed. Rural healthcare facilities aim to lure top internal medicine specialists from urban areas with higher locum rates and salaries.

Working with a medical recruitment agency like Medrecruit is the easiest way to find out where you’ll earn the most. You’ll also gain access to more job opportunities, so you can choose a role that doesn’t just pay better, but offers you a better lifestyle too. Are you ready to live better and earn more as a physician?

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Bethany Rogers
Article by Bethany RogersMedrecruit Editor