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Physicians, trained specialists focusing on adult medicine, are pivotal to the healthcare landscape. The salary that physicians earn in Australia reflects their years of intensive training and expertise and the critical nature of their roles. General medicine specialists have good earning potential in 2024.

Also known as internal medicine doctors or general medicine physicians, there are plenty of good job opportunities in Australia. The salary for a general medicine specialist in Australia depends on the number of hours you work, your training, and where you work.

Factors determining a physician's salary in Australia in 2024

Multiple aspects can determine a physician's salary in Australia:

Specialisation: Physicians can specialise in a myriad of fields like cardiology, endocrinology, or gastroenterology. Specialties with higher demand or complexity often come with higher compensation.

Experience: As in many professions, a physician's earnings increase with experience. Those in the nascent stages of their careers might earn less than those with decades of patient care and specialisation behind them.

Location: The region where physician practices significantly impact their earnings. In areas with a shortage of specialists, such as some rural regions, incentives might be provided to attract skilled physicians.

Type of employment: Salary can vary depending on whether the physician works in a public hospital, private practice, or a specialised clinic.

Working hours: Many physicians, especially in certain specialties, might work beyond standard hours or be on-call. These additional hours can influence their overall compensation.

Average salary insights

On average, a physician in Australia earns between AUD$150,000 to AUD$500,000 annually, contingent upon the factors outlined above. However, there can be significant variance within this range:

Entry-level physicians: In the initial years following their specialisation, physicians might earn between AUD$100,000 and AUD$200,000. This amount increases as they amass experience, hone their skills, and grow their patient base.

Senior and highly specialised physicians: Those with vast experience or in high-demand specialties can command salaries on the higher end of the average, occasionally even exceeding AUD$500,000, especially if they're involved in intricate procedures or treatments.

Typical pay rates for locum general physicians and internal medicine doctors are:

Resident medical officers (RMO): AUD$80 – AUD$200 per hour Registrars: AUD$100 – AUD$250 per hour.

Consultant general medicine physicians: AUD$2,000 – AUD$3,500 per day

Private vs. public sector:

Physicians in Australia often grapple with the decision to work in the private or public sectors. Both have their merits:

Public sector: Public hospitals often offer more job security, set working hours, and a structured pathway for career progression. Salaries in the public sector are usually determined by standardised pay scales, which consider factors like years of service and additional qualifications.

Private sector: While the private sector may involve more uncertainties, it often offers physicians the potential to earn more, especially if they have a strong patient base and reputation. This is often complemented by the flexibility to choose working hours and conditions.

How physicians can increase their salary:

How much you get paid as a general medicine specialist depends on several factors. The number of hours you work, where you work, your training background, and seniority all impact your earnings.

Here’s how you could earn more:

General medicine is a diverse and challenging specialty. The broad nature of this speciality means there are many areas of medicine for you to explore. Further training in a subspecialty can help boost your job (and earning) opportunities.

Private hospital positions tend to pay more than public hospitals; however, many physicians find public hospital work more rewarding. Mixing public and private work could be the key to increasing your income while still getting a lot of satisfaction out of your work.

Gain experience in different locations. General medicine specialists with broad knowledge and experience are in higher demand and can expect higher pay.

If you’re salaried, take on locum work to boost your income. You’ll also gain more experience (and contacts), which will help you further your career opportunities.

Work in a rural hospital. This is where you’re most needed. Rural healthcare facilities aim to lure top internal medicine specialists from urban areas with higher locum rates and salaries.

Working with a medical recruitment agency like Medrecruit is the easiest way to find out where you’ll earn the most. You’ll also gain access to more job opportunities, so you can choose a role that doesn’t just pay better but offers you a better lifestyle, too.

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