Are anaesthetists in demand in Australia?


Anaesthetics is one of the most rewarding and interesting areas you can specialise in as a medical graduate. Not only is it gratifying financially, but it is also seen as a highly regarded field.

Suppose you are thinking of specialising in anaesthetics. In that case, you may be wondering how hard getting a job will be and exactly how much you will earn, in this article, we cover everything you need to know about working as an anaesthetist in Australia.

Are anaesthetists in demand in Australia?

With surgical procedures (including cosmetic surgery) on the rise, the need for anaesthetists in both private and public hospitals is rising, too. This means that highly specialised anaesthetists are in demand.

Anesthesiology in Australia has some of the highest practice standards in the world. Investment in facilities means 2023 is an optimum time to be an anaesthetist: you have amazing training opportunities and access to the latest equipment.

Is it hard to become an anaesthetist?

Anaesthesia is a rewarding and fascinating field of medicine, and it offers a diverse range of research and sub-specialist study opportunities.

Anaesthetists are some of the most intensively trained specialist doctors in the world! In Australia and New Zealand, anaesthetists-in-training study for a minimum of 12 years to gain the advanced physiological and pharmacological knowledge they need to keep patients free of pain, immobile, and in a carefully controlled state of unconsciousness throughout complex surgery.

The Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists offers a 5-year hospital-based training program. A fellow of ANZCA supervises trainees.

How much do anaesthetists make in Australia?

Anaesthetics is one of Australia’s highest-paid doctor specialities.

According to data from the Australian Tax Office, anaesthetists and anesthesiologists in Australia are earning an average taxable income of $386,065.

In private practice, anaesthetists can earn up to AUD $600,000, and locum earns up to AUD $3,500 daily. Entry-level positions start at AUD $190,624 annually, while most experienced workers make up to AUD $214,089 annually.

Where you’re based, your level of training and other factors can impact how much you earn. But the data’s clear: anaesthetics is one of the highest-paid medical specialities, vying with a surgeon salary for Australia’s best-paid job.

Is anaesthetics competitive in Australia?

Due to the job's great salary and rewarding nature, yes, being an anaesthetist is a competitive field of medicine. Still, once you finish your training, more opportunities become available.

Professor Kate Leslie, president of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA), says it is competitive to be selected for a registrar position in anaesthesia. “There are many more applicants than posts”, she says. However, once trainees have been awarded the Fellowship of ANZCA, career prospects are strong."

In conclusion, the demand for anaesthetists in Australia has been steadily increasing due to the growing healthcare needs of the population. Anaesthetists are critical in providing high-quality healthcare, working closely with various departments, including the Department of Anaesthesia, to ensure patients receive the best possible care during surgeries and medical procedures.

There is a consistent demand for anaesthetist jobs in various healthcare settings such as regional hospitals, specialist clinics, and private practices. Job opportunities for anaesthetists in Australia include full-time, part-time, and visiting medical officer roles, offering flexibility and diverse career options for those who have completed their medical degree and specialized training in anaesthesia.

Healthcare providers nationwide continue to search for qualified medical officers to fill anaesthetist positions. As the need for healthcare services grows, the demand for anaesthetists is expected to continue to rise, resulting in more job opportunities and greater stability for those in the profession.

Overall, the demand for anaesthetists in Australia is on an upward trajectory, reflecting these medical professionals' vital role in ensuring patient safety and comfort during surgical procedures. Pursuing a career as an anaesthetist can lead to a rewarding and stable profession in the healthcare sector, with numerous job opportunities available across the country.

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20 November 2022Article by Medrecruit Editorial TeamMedrecruit Editor