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Locum doctor jobs and permanent work opportunities

Locuming offers work on your terms.
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Take control of where and when you work for a better work/life balance. Placements last anything from a few hours to a year. Make good money while considering your next move. We can show you ways of working that you may not have considered.

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Travel with your work. Thousands of placements are now available in hospitals, clinics and medical centres across Australia and New Zealand. Experience life in a different town, city or country. Spend more time doing the things you love, or with the people you love.

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Explore diverse and interesting areas of medicine. Discover a new career path and try different working environments. Feel appreciated and share your time and skills with a community that needs your expertise.

Make work suit your lifestyle and goals.

Know the advantages of locum and permanent work and the possibilities for your career.

A doctor's perspective – possibilities of locuming.
Doctor getting active - Tips for locum doctors
Dr Yon talks about why he became a full-time locum doctor, the ups and downs of the lifestyle and his top tips
Article by Bethany Rogers | 25 May 2018
Dr Lesina - Surgical Registrar Locuming
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Locuming gives Dr Lesina time to explore other opportunities – including being the star of TVNZ’s The Bachelorette.
Article by Bethany Rogers | 08 Apr 2020
Dr Kiren - full time locum
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Dr Kiren talks about the ups and downs of locuming full-time.
Article by Bethany Rogers | 12 Jun 2018
Permanent work with potential.
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Put down your roots. Permanent work offers you a set purpose and certainty of where your career is heading. Find a permanent job that you’ll love from some of our exciting opportunities.

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Leave the paperwork to us. We have time and resources to connect you with leading hospitals , clinics and medical centres to ensure a seamless move. Moving to Australia or New Zealand? You will find us an ‘expert insider’, answering questions and organising every last detail.

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Know your colleagues and build connection with your patients. In a permanent role, you get to know the people and the landscape that you are working within to better serve the community.

Frequently Asked Questions
Will working as a locum affect my tax status?

Yes, working as a locum means you are essentially a contractor. Your tax structure will be different. In Australia, you will need to provide an Australian Business Number. In New Zealand, you may need to register for GST

Are accommodation and travel costs covered?

Yes! Most locum placements offer travel and accommodation arrangements. We can help negotiate this for you. This is usually hospital accommodation or a nice bed and breakfast, and flight or petrol reimbursement.

How does the process work for doctors?

When you sign up with Medrecruit, we’ll start by checking your credentials and making sure you’re ‘job ready’ with all the right paperwork in place. You’ll receive regular updates of jobs which match your search terms, and your personal Solutions Specialist will be in touch if they see a job they think you’ll be interested in.

When you apply for a job, Medrecruit will present your credentials, experience and attributes to the relevant contact. This is why it’s important to only sign up with one agency – hiring staff get frustrated by multiple presentations from the same doctor.

What length are locum placements?

Locum placements can be as short as a couple of days, though most doctors prefer slightly longer placements (a few weeks or months) so there’s time to get to know the area and the team.

Medrecruit also works with doctors to find permanent roles.