"I fell in love with the Australasian attitude and lifestyle."


Dr Rebecca Miles made the move to live and work in New Zealand as a doctor only a few months ago from the UK. Medrecruit helped her make the move and find work in the beautiful beachside town of Tauranga, now, her husband has joined her also.

We caught up with Rebecca to have a chat about what it's been like making the move as an international doctor in New Zealand.

Can you tell me a bit about you and how you became a doctor?

I worked as a carer and outreach worker for a charity during my first degree (Psychology) and was inspired by the people who I worked with to become a doctor and help people similar to them earlier on in their journey.

What inspired you to make the move to New Zealand?

I did my elective in Melbourne, Australia, and travelled around. I fell in love with the Australasian attitude and lifestyle. My husband and I discussed the kind of place we wanted to live in and New Zealand fitted perfectly with the outdoor lifestyle and friendly, community feel.

How did Medrecruit support you in making the move?

They took the time to get to know me and my husband, our hobbies, and personalities, and recommended the perfect location for us to move to. They were in constant contact in the run-up to the move and made the whole transition seamless.

What were your first thoughts when you arrived and saw your new home?

Stunning. Beautiful. Breathtaking. Mount Maunganui in the winter sun was better than I could have expected.

How was the settling-in process?

The staff in the hospital were so helpful and really helped me settle into the area and the hospital. I had a couple of weeks after arriving to get my housing and car sorted before getting into work.

What adventures have you had since moving here?

My parents came to visit so we spent some time exploring the local area, Rotorua and Taupō. Now my husband has joined me, I’ll be hoping to do the same again with some more adventurous activities thrown into the mix.

Do you have any advice for other IMGs looking to make the move?

Come with an open mind and a good attitude. People here are friendly and genuinely want to help. Get a decent car as soon as you can and bring lots of outdoor gear so you can adventure early on!

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08 December 2022Article by Julia Medrecruit Editor