What is the highest geriatrician salary in Australia?

Article by Medrecruit Editorial Team18 Jan 2023
Geriatrician doctor

What geriatricians are earning in Australia

It is widely known that doctors have the ability to earn good money, but what do geriatricians earn?

What you earn as a geriatrician depends on a number of factors including where you work, whether you are junior or a consultant, and the type of work you are doing. The average geriatrician salary in Australia is around $178,000 AUD, and experienced Geriatrics physicians are earning around $272,000 AUD (if you are in private practice this could be much higher).

We are seeing locum geriatricians earning up to $2500 AUD per day.

How can geriatricians increase their salary in Australia?

There are several ways geriatricians can increase their salary. The first is experience: As geriatricians gain more experience, they will be able to negotiate higher salaries.

Location, location, location! Salaries can vary depending on where a geriatrician practices, options to increase pay via location could be practising in a large metropolitan hospital where pay rates are higher or going rural where you are much needed!

Geriatricians who work in high-demand areas, such as rural or underserved communities, may be able to command higher salaries.

Pick up locum work either full-time or around your permanent position. Due to their often urgent nature locum shifts often offer much higher rates.

Finally, think about working in the private sector, geriatricians working in the private sector tend to earn more than those working in the public sector.

It's important to keep in mind that many of these factors are interrelated and a combination of them can lead to increase in salary.

Do geriatricians earn good money?

Yes, as a highly-skilled and in-demand profession, all doctors get paid well, including geriatricians. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2022 the average weekly income in Australia is $1,769.80 making the average income $92,029.60. The average income of a geriatrician is much higher (almost double) this.

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