What is a radiologist's salary in Australia?


Radiologists are highly skilled medical professionals who specialise in interpreting medical images such as x-rays, CT scans, and MRI scans. They play a vital role in the diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions and diseases. Because of this, radiologists in Australia have the ability to earn a great salary.

What you earn as a radiologist depends on a number of factors including where you work, whether you are junior or a consultant, and the type of work you are doing.

So, what is the average radiology salary in Australia?

According to data from the Australian Taxation Office, the average total income for a radiologist in the 2019-2020 financial year was AUD$539,783. This includes all forms of income such as salary, bonuses, and superannuation.

According to Seek's 2023 data radiologists in Australia are earning between AUD$425,000 to AUD$445,000.

This suggests the average radiology salary in Australia is between AUD$400,000 - $550,000.

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In addition to experience and location, the type of employer can also affect a radiologist's salary. Radiologists working in private practice or private hospitals tend to earn more than those working for public hospitals. This is because private practice and private hospitals are able to charge higher fees for services and, as a result, are able to offer higher salaries to their staff. Radiologists working in private practice in Australia could be earning AUD$600,000 (or more!).

How can you increase your salary in radiology?

There are a few ways radiologists can increase their salary. The first is experience: As radiologists gain more experience, they will be able to negotiate higher salaries.

Salaries can vary depending on where the role is located, options to increase pay via location could be practising in a large metropolitan hospital where pay rates are higher or going rural where you are much needed!

Radiologists who work in high-demand areas, such as rural or underserved communities, may be able to obtain higher salaries.

Working as a full-time locum radiologist or locuming around your full-time position can help you increase your salary. Due to their often urgent nature locum shifts often offer much higher rates.

Finally, think about working in the private sector, radiologists working in the private sector tend to earn more than those working in the public sector. It's important to keep in mind that many of these factors are interrelated and a combination of them can lead to an increase in salary

Is radiology a good career in Australia?

Yes, becoming a radiologist requires extensive training. Radiologists in Australia must have a minimum qualification of a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), and specialist training in radiology. The Australian Medical Council (AMC) and the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR) are the regulatory bodies that accredit radiologists in Australia.

As a highly-skilled and in-demand profession, all doctors get paid well, including radiologists. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2022 the average weekly income in Australia is AUD$1,769.80 making the average income AUD$92,029.60. The average income of a radiologist is much higher (over four times this!)

In conclusion, radiologists in Australia are well-compensated for their expertise and skills, with an average salary of around AUD$400,000 per year. However, factors such as location, experience, and type of employer can all affect a radiologist's earning potential.

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