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For many doctors locum work offers a gateway to living the life they want. Locum work allows you to get time back for things you love outside of medicine, enhance your lifestyle, and pursue your 'why.'

Having a 'why' in life is more than just a philosophical concept; it's a practical guide for living a fulfilled life. It empowers individuals to make conscious choices, face life's complexities with resilience, and find joy in their everyday experiences. As Viktor Frankl, a Holocaust survivor and psychiatrist, famously said, “Those who have a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any 'how'.” Your 'why' is your anchor and your compass, guiding you through the unpredictable seas of life towards a horizon of fulfillment and meaning.

Having work-life balance, and the ability to pursue your 'why' whatever that may be, can help you prevent burnout, and ultimatelly pratice better medicine. We're here to support that 'why,' whatever it may be.

This article explores how becoming a locum doctor can be the key to unlocking a more flexible, balanced, and fulfilling professional life.

The freedom of choice:

At the heart of locum work is the freedom of choice. As a locum doctor, you have the autonomy to decide when, where, and how long you work. This means you can choose assignments that align with your personal commitments, whether it's spending more time with family, traveling the world, or engaging in hobbies. This level of control is a stark contrast to the fixed schedules of traditional medical roles, enabling a more personalised approach to career planning.

"I highly recommend working with Medrecruit. The team has been fantastic and working with Medrecruit has provided me with a lot of flexibility, a better lifestyle, and also exposure to different healthcare settings - don't wait sign up now! Dr Will Chen

Work-life balance:

The flexibility inherent in locum work is a major contributor to a better work-life balance. Doctors can take breaks between assignments, avoid burnout, and return to work refreshed and focused. This balance is not just beneficial for personal wellbeing but also enhances professional performance and patient care.

"I believe that being a good doctor starts with taking good care of myself and ensuring I’m the best version of myself. When I’m healthy, fulfilled, and happy, I’m a better human and can contribute to the world." Dr Sina Karimian

Diverse experiences and skills development:

Locum work exposes doctors to a variety of medical settings, from urban hospitals to rural clinics, each with its own set of challenges and learning opportunities. This diversity enriches a doctor’s skill set and broadens their medical experience. It’s an excellent way for doctors to explore different areas of medicine and find their niche or passion within the field.

Medrecruit has been great for me because they've found the role exactly that I specified for. Which included telemedicine and telehealth. A field that's sometimes difficult for junior doctors to find. Dr Adarsh Das

Financial flexibility:

Locum positions often offer competitive pay rates, with the potential for higher earnings than some permanent roles. This financial benefit provides doctors with the opportunity to reach personal financial goals sooner, be it paying off student loans, investing, or saving for major life events.

Locuming helped me save for our first house and made my income look good enough for the bank loan. With the interest rates going up, it definitely is a big help. Dr Euphemia Floresca

Career control:

Locum work empowers doctors with greater control over their career trajectory. Whether it's seeking opportunities in specific medical fields, working in different geographical locations, or balancing clinical work with research or teaching, locum work provides the flexibility to pursue a tailored career path.

I have been represented by Rhiannon Turner from Medrecruit now for more than 6 years, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the types of jobs that I have taken on, and also being able to choose from the vast variety of job opportunities that Medrecruit has to offer. Dr Hugo Lee

Time back for your passions or 'why'

Whether it's traveling, engaging in hobbies, spending quality time with family, or even furthering education, locum positions provide the freedom to pursue these interests without compromising your professional commitments. By choosing when and where to work, you can seamlessly integrate your medical career with your personal aspirations, creating a harmonious balance that nurtures both professional growth and personal fulfillment.

"I have one more night shift tonight and then I’ve got four days off and this is the perfect time to just be hitting all the socials and all the other stuff, so yeah, that flexibility means I’m not going to burn myself out and I can put the most into Move Against Cancer which is my other passion." Dr Ash Bowden

Locuming offers a blend of freedom, diversity, and control that traditional medical roles often cannot provide. For those looking to escape the confines of a conventional medical career and live life on their own terms, locum work is an enticing and viable option. It's a path that not only meets the demands of a medical professional but also accommodates the personal aspirations and desires of the individual behind the doctor.

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Jordy Black
29 November 2023Article by Jordy BlackMedrecruit Editor