AHPRA announces regulatory changes with abolition of in-person ID checks

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Working in Australia just got signifcantly easier for overseas trained doctors, most especially for New Zealand-trained doctors.

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) has introduced a pivotal change to its registration process for overseas health practitioners. Starting from 18 December 2023, the requirement for in-person identity checks in Australia will be eliminated, marking a significant step in reducing red tape for international health professionals.

This update, influenced by the Kruk Review, was announced by AHPRA CEO, Martin Fletcher. He emphasised the dual benefits of easing the entry process for internationally qualified practitioners into Australia's health system and maintaining the rigorous standards that safeguard public safety. “Our aim is to refine the pathways for international practitioners without compromising the safety integral to Australia’s health regulation system,” Fletcher noted in the official statement.

What does this mean for doctors looking to work in Australia?

For doctors trained overseas (including in New Zealand), this modification simplifies the registration process considerably. Now, overseas-trained doctors can have their registration finalised automatically, negating the need for a return trip to Australia. This adjustment will facilitate quicker Medicare provider number applications, which usually take about 1-3 months to process. Previously, this couldn't commence until after the ID check, but with the new system, applications can be submitted immediately. Consequently, doctors can start their practice in Australia soon after arrival, significantly saving time and costs.

It's important to remember that the requirements for domestic and international criminal history checks remain in place, ensuring that the fundamental standards for public safety are not compromised.

Overall, this change heralds a more efficient and less burdensome entry for overseas-trained doctors into the Australian healthcare system, benefiting practitioners, employers, and, ultimately, the Australian public.

Why now is a great time for Kiwi doctors to move to Australia?

The first half of 2024 could be the right time for Kiwi doctors to move to Australia.

Few New Zealand doctors know that they can live and work in Australia. Similar healthcare systems and regulatory requirements mean it’s relatively easy to jump the ditch.

The main benefit for Kiwi doctors locuming in Australia is the pay. Australian locum doctors are earning up to AUD $3500 per day. It’s a fantastic opportunity to squirrel away some extra cash towards your first home or a bucket-list adventure.

If you choose to locum, the opportunity to travel and explore parts of Australia is another draw card.

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18 December 2023Article by Medrecruit Editorial TeamMedrecruit Editor