457 Visa Changes – what you need to know

female doctor - 457 visa changes

On 18 March, 2018 the Temporary Work Skilled Visa (subclass 457) was replaced with the brand new Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS – subclass 482) visa by the Department of Home Affairs.

The new TSS visa has 3 streams; short, medium, long. Doctors fall into both the medium and short-term category, and therefore eligible to apply for two to four years. The majority of doctors will fall under the medium term category – leading to a four year visa and a route to permanent residency. However, Anaesthetists and Junior Medical officers fall into the short term category, offering just two years, as the skills shortage for these positions is less acute.

What changed?

The most notable changes affecting doctors in regards to the TSS requirements, as stipulated by the Department of Home Affairs, are:

  • Applicants must be working full time (at least 38 hours per week)

  • Tighter English language requirements

  • Applicants must have at least two years’ work experience in their skilled occupation

Why did it change?

The reason for this change was to help fill the gaps in the Australian job market. The Department of Home Affairs also believe this will speed up the processing times – which we think is great news!

What does this mean for locum doctors?

Doctors on the TSS visa will still be able to work for more than one employer, so long as their registration is unrestricted, and their locum work does not interfere with their primary work.

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Rachael Walsh
22 August 2018Article by Rachael WalshMedrecruit Editor