How a recruitment agency can ease the transition of moving abroad

International doctors

Moving across the country to live and work as a doctor can be a big step, that's why having a medical recruitment agencies support can make all the difference.

A medical recruitment agency can be invaluable in easing this transition, offering comprehensive support that extends far beyond finding a job. Firstly, these agencies possess deep insights into the global healthcare landscape, ensuring you are matched with opportunities that align with your skills, preferences, and career aspirations. They can navigate the complex web of licensing and registration processes in different countries, providing guidance and assistance to ensure all necessary credentials are in place.

Recruitment agencies also understand the importance of cultural fit, helping you find a position in a location that suits your lifestyle and family needs. This holistic approach ensures a smoother adaptation to a new country, both professionally and personally.

Agencies often provide logistical support, including relocation advice, and even housing assistance. This comprehensive package of services removes much of the stress and uncertainty associated with international moves, allowing doctors to focus on what they do best: providing quality patient care.

In essence, a medical recruitment agency acts as a bridge, facilitating a seamless transition for doctors embarking on international careers and ensuring you are well-supported at every step.

At Medrecruit, we have a dedicated IMG team who are experts at placing international doctors in Australia and New Zealand. All of the staff in our International Team have moved to New Zealand themselves so they can offer you first-hand advice on what it is like to move to the other side of the world.

We understand how much is involved in an international move , so we are committed to being there for you every step.

Still not convinced? Here's a list of how we can support you in making the move.

  1. Finding a tailored role (whether it’s career progression or lifestyle change)
  2. We understand the differences in healthcare systems and the arduous task that comes along with relocating internationally, so we’re here to make it hassle-free
  3. Free immigration consultation
  4. A completley free end-to-end relocation support service for doctors
  5. Great connections with DHBs all over New Zealand and Australia increasing chances of securing a role
  6. Great connections with the Medical Council of New Zealand and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. We will liaise with them on your behalf if needed.
  7. Invaluable interview preparation
  8. We are experts in placing international doctors with a comprehensive understanding of how the system works
  9. We can put you in touch with other international or local doctors who are working at the hospital if you'd like to chat with someone in the department
  10. We can assist with the registration process from start to finish – the International Placement Team at Medrecruit are experts in this area
  11. Advice on what you’ll need to do before you leave your home country and what needs to be done on arrival, e.g. bank accounts, registration meeting with MCNZ, relocating personal belongings, advice on travelling with pets, directing them on where to find rental proprieties, schooling for kids, healthcare entitlements, detailed insights on the locations in New Zealand.
  12. Maintaining contact once you've arrived in New Zealand
  13. Helping you find locum work once you hold full registration with MCNZ
Find out everything you need to know about moving to Australia or New Zealand in our free IMG Guide.
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How to get started

Relocating overseas to pursue a medical career is a significant undertaking, and the backing of a medical recruitment agency can be helpful. Medrecruit features a specialised IMG team, comprised of individuals who've personally navigated moving to New Zealand, ready to provide authentic advice on transitioning to life "Down Under." What's more our service is completely free for doctors. To find out more about working as an IMG in New Zealand, register, and one of our IMG team will be in touch to discuss opportunities and set you up for a successful relocation.

IMGs in New Zealand are in high demand, especially if you are an IMG GP! With a large and diverse healthcare sector offering numerous opportunities for professional growth and development. Whether you're looking for a metropolitan lifestyle or a peaceful rural existence, New Zealand has something to offer every IMG.

Medrecruit Editorial Team
30 January 2023Article by Medrecruit Editorial TeamMedrecruit Editor