A day in the life of an Emergency Medicine SHO

Emergency locum doctor

Dr Luke Logue is an Emergency Medicine Locum SHO and a father of two, based on the Gold Coast.

"When I'm not working or studying, I'm spending as much time with my kids doing activities like fishing, golfing, and exploring the hinterland."

Luke first knew he had an interest in health/medicine in grade 10 when he started learning basic anatomy in his Physical Education class. After this, the desire to learn how the body works, where things can go wrong, and how to fix them. This led him down the tertiary education pathway to obtain his Doctor of Medicine degree.

"To me, being a doctor is like trying to solve a puzzle; each patient has their own problems that we need to solve. I figured that if I had to pick a career that I would work the rest of my life in, I would want to work in an area that not only challenges me intellectually but also allows me to try and help people at the same time."

A day in the life

I have been working as a Senior House Officer within the Emergency Department for the past year, so stepping up to the sole night medical registrar put me out of my comfort zone somewhat.

I would generally work 12+ hour shifts overnight, admitting patients from the emergency department, attending MET calls, and reviewing unwell patients on the wards. I was pretty exhausted after these shifts and spent my remaining time brushing up on topics I saw overnight that I felt less familiar with.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working within the NSW hospitals. The aspect that struck me most was the fact that I was working alongside an RMO, whose position I was in not long ago, yet I now had the sole responsibility of making decisions that directly impacted patient care. Coming from a background primarily in Emergency Medicine, this experience allowed me to appreciate the intricacies of ongoing patient care once they come to the medical ward.

Locum life

The placement process for my shifts at Ballina District Hospital was very straightforward and hassle-free. Medrecruit found shifts that suited my availability, and once confirmed, sent through all appropriate documentation so that I could hit the ground running when I arrived.

At this time in my life, locum work across QLD/NSW was a welcomed change of pace. Given that my two young children are located on the Gold Coast, I did not want to accept a permanent position far from home and miss out on their milestones.

Being able to choose the specialty, location, and shifts allows me to prioritise time with my family.

The availability of work/generous hourly rates has given me the opportunities to save for things like a house/car and attend multiple courses that further enhance my progression as a doctor. Once my medically bonded obligations are met, I will certainly be returning to locum work via Medrecruit.

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Dr Luke Logue
01 May 2022Article by Dr Luke Logue MedRecruit Editor