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Locum doctors urgently needed in Australia & NZ.

Can you help your local hospital?

As Covid-19 cases rise and travel becomes unpredictable – the demand for locum cover from local doctors is increasing in Australia and New Zealand.

With the situation escalating daily, hospitals and clinics are coming under strain to fill their rosters.

If you can help out by locuming, for even a couple of days, at a local hospital - we'd love to hear from you.

Calm, approachable and friendly in the face of the uncertainties of COVID-19.

Dr Sam Mackrill , Medical Registrar, IMG
How does Covid-19 affect the locum landscape in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, all locums will still be going ahead. As you are an essential service you will be able to travel the country and go where the work is needed. Despite the country's current level 4 emergency status, hospitals still need locums and there has been an increase in demand.

How does the Covid-19 landscape affect locum work in Australia?

In Australia, we are encouraging doctors to work within their own state.

However, if the role you are wanting to do requires travel, we may be able to make it happen, depending on the circumstance. Our team is across what is possible and can provide expert guidance for all situations.

Can I still locum during Covid-19

Yes, you can, and the hospitals and clinics need you. Please get in touch with our expert team for more information.

Will I have to quarantine if I travel interstate?

Covid-19 has resulted in travel restrictions across Australia and New Zealand. In some cases, this has had an impact on how doctors travel to job placements.

Do not let this deter you because we are working with hospitals to find solutions for all situations.

It’s a complicated picture; if you have specific questions, get in touch with our expert team for personalised information.