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Enjoy work and life in Australia

Experience new challenges and job flexibility in Australia.

Opportunities exist across all states. Find a role where you enjoy work and life to the fullest.

Keep work and life in balance.
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Experience a land of opportunity.

Find a job that inspires you. Work as a locum in Australia and choose from a vast number of roles across different specialties. Live in a different state or enjoy a slower pace of life in a smaller town. Broaden your experience and knowledge while increasing your networks.

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Work how you want it.

Make the rules. Determine how and when you want to work, and we can help find a role that suits. Have flexibility to enjoy life beyond work. Be with your family, follow your passions; travel. Make life interesting.

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Make more, give more.

Grow your wealth through locuming. Work in different roles to maximise your income, or boost your savings for retirement. You could also help make a difference. Give back by working in communities in need of your skills and expertise.

We have locum and permanent roles all over Australia

Australia is often voted as one of the top five countries to live in the world and it's not hard to see why! Australia is abundant with unique experiences and vibrant natural beauty, bustling metropolitans, and good working conditions. We have locum and permanent doctor jobs all over the country, have a look below, and decide where you would like your medical career to take you.

Work as a doctor in Sydney
New South Wales

We have locum and permanent roles in New South Wales find out more about this region here.

Locum in South Australia
South Australia

We have locum and permanent roles in South Australia find out more about this region here.

Medical career gold coast

We have locum and permanent roles in Queensland find out more about this region here.

Western Australia
Western Australia

We have locum and permanent roles in Western Australia find out more about this region here.

Doctor career ACT
Australian Capital Territory

We have locum and permanent roles in the Australian Capital Territory find out more about this region here.

Doctor jobs NT
Northern Territory

We have locum and permanent roles in the Northern Territory find out more about this region here.

Locum in Tasmania

We have locum and permanent roles in Tasmania find out more about this region here.

Locum in Melbourne

We have locum and permanent roles in Victoria find out more about this region here.

Specialties most needed in Australia.
  • Emergency Medicine
  • General Practice across several sub-specialties
  • Psychiatry
  • Anaesthetics
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Can you work in Australia?
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Are you APRHA registered?

Opportunities abound for you in Australia.

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Do you have MCNZ registration?

We’ll sort out the paperwork to get you working here quickly.

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Are you internationally qualified?

Registration to work in Australia can take time but we’ll help with everything.

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Across Australia, the old guard of GPs is retiring and it’s unclear who will take their place.
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Doctor couple travelling locum work
Our Doctors
They met in med school and dreamed of travelling together. Locuming made it possible.
Article by Bethany Rogers | 04 May 2021
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Frequently Asked Questions
Where is the work in Australia?

There are roles available right across Australia. Where the work is depends on your experience and specialty. Many (though certainly not all) locum roles are in rural areas. Overseas-trained doctors are required to work in a rural area of need for a period of time.

Lots of doctors we work with love earning extra and exploring the country through locum and permanent placements. You can find out more about our current job listings on the job search page.

Can I work in Australia?

APRHA registered doctors have lots of opportunities to find permanent and locum work in Australia. Kiwi doctors can work in Australia – you'll need to gain APRHA registration, and we can assist you in this process. Doctors who gained their primary medical degree overseas are known as International Medical Graduates (IMGs). Ideally, you will have a few years' experience in a comparative health system (like in the UK or Ireland) under your belt. There are a few pathways to work in Australia but it's important to note that there are restrictions on where and how you can work.

What paperwork will I need to apply for roles?

Your registration number, a current CV and three references are the essentials of any job application. Other paperwork that's commonly required is:

  • Evidence of vaccinations,
  • Evidence of your degree/fellowship,
  • Annual Practicing Certificates,
  • Indemnity,
  • A certified copy of your passport and/or driver’s licence,
  • Police vetting form.

What you'll need can vary slightly between Australian states and in New Zealand. Some states/locations also ask you complete an online training course (eMedical Courses). We're here to help guide you through the requirements and we'll give you a checklist detailing everything you need.

Do you charge a fee to doctors?

Nope! Our service is free for doctors. We're paid by hospitals and clinics for our services and are preferred suppliers in several states and areas. Because we have a huge network of doctors, we save clinics and hospitals time (and money) by taking the stress out of the hiring and credentialing process.

How will I get paid?

This depends on where you work – the hospital or clinic chooses how a doctor is paid. This will work one of three ways:

  • You’re paid by the hospital/clinic, as an employee
  • You’re paid by the hospital/clinic as a contractor
  • Medrecruit pays you directly

Your recruitment specialist can let you know which method you’ll be paid by for each job you undertake.

Looking for something different?

We have locum and permanent roles in Australia's neighbour island, New Zealand. Find out more below.