The benefits of working as a permanent GP

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Thinking of working as a permanent GP?

Working as a permanent GP has many benefits, both for the individual doctor and for the community they serve. GPs are in demand in both Australia and New Zealand, so you will feel going knowing that you are making a real difference in a field where you are much needed. This demand also gives you the ability to earn good money and choose from a myriad of locations.

Some of the key advantages of working as a permanent GP include:

  • Career stability: Working as a permanent GP offers a stable and secure career path, with regular income and benefits.

  • Flexibility: Permanent GPs get to choose their own hours

  • Professional development: Permanent GPs have more opportunities to gain experience, take on leadership roles, and advance in their careers than part-time or locum GPs.

  • Flexibility of the role: Choose from a partnership, salaried, rural, remote or urban, full-time or part-time, selection of preferred days

  • Greater earning potential: Permanent GPs can earn higher salaries due to the more stable nature of their work and the high demand for the specialty.

  • Improved work-life balance: PermanentGPs are more likely to be able to achieve a better balance between their work and personal lives, as they have more regular working hours and more predictable time off. GPs get paid annual leave each year.

  • A greater sense of belonging: Working in a fixed practice, gives a feeling of being part of the team and a sense of belonging, it also allows for better continuity of care for patients, because you get to know your patients better, build long-term relationships, and become better placed to understand their needs and history.

  • More opportunities to specialise: Permanent GPs can also have more opportunities to specialise in a certain field of general practice or pursue a certain area of interest.

  • Evolving skillset: Permanent GPs usually have access to more resources and support services, such as administrative staff, specialized equipment, and continuing education programs. Working as a full-time GP is an enormously rewarding, challenging, and varied career

  • Career design: Choose where and when you work and create work-life balance in a self-directed full-time role

Working as a permanent GP can be a very rewarding career path, offering stability, professional development, earning potential, and work-life balance. It also allows for better continuity of care and more opportunities to specialise, improving the quality of care for patients.

We have hundreds of permanent roles for GPs across Australasia. From job search to relocation, we can help with every part of finding your next full-time role. What's more, our service is entirely free for GP doctors. If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help, register, and let's chat.

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12 January 2023Article by Medrecruit Editorial TeamMedrecruit Editor