Australian vaccine rollout opportunities

Five doctors in scrubs and masks

As Covid-19 cases rise and interstate travel becomes unpredictable hospitals and clinics are coming under strain to fill their rosters and administer the vaccine.

If you have the ability to help out your colleagues in your state, we can arrange locum opportunities to suit.

“Literally seven days later, the number of cases we were testing had doubled and on the tenth day we were opening a drive-through clinic," said Dr Cham Ariyasinghe of locuming in a 2020 Covid-19 clinic.

Last week we put out an urgent call for hospital and locum staff throughout Australia and New Zealand, and we've now got opportunities in every city around Australia to help with the vaccine rollout. Australia had seen an increase in demand for vaccinations and there are multiple positions available as a result. Rates are $140p/h Non-VRGP and $180p/h VRGP.

"It has (for the most part) been a positive experience, with innovation, and teamwork helping the hospital to deal with an increasing number of cases," Dr Cham Ariyasinghe said of his 2020 experience.

If you’re interested in locuming in your own state or helping with the vaccine rollout, get in touch and express your interest.

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Jessica Allen
24 August 2021Article by Jessica AllenMedrecruit Editor