Are surgeons in demand in Australia?


There is a demand for doctors in all kinds of specialties in Australia, but what about surgery?

The demand for surgeons in Australia has been steadily growing over the past few years, with numerous factors contributing to this increased need. As the population continues to age and expand, the requirement for medical professionals, especially surgeons, becomes increasingly vital. Working in Australia as a surgeon not only offers an opportunity to contribute to the betterment of public health but also provides a lucrative career path, with the average surgeon salary being quite competitive compared to other professions.

One of the key factors driving the demand for surgeons in Australia is the ongoing challenge to provide adequate healthcare services in rural and remote areas. These regions often face difficulties in retaining medical professionals, including surgeons, due to the isolated nature of their locations and limited access to resources. This has led to a significant disparity in healthcare services between urban and rural areas, resulting in an increased focus on attracting and retaining surgeons in rural communities. Initiatives such as financial incentives, ongoing professional development, and flexible working arrangements have been implemented to encourage more doctors to work in these areas.

Working in Australia as a surgeon also offers opportunities for personal and professional growth. The country is recognised for its world-class healthcare facilities, research institutions, and medical education programs, which provide an ideal environment for surgeons to hone their skills and develop their careers. The diverse and multicultural population presents unique challenges and learning experiences, allowing surgeons to expand their knowledge and expertise in treating a wide range of health conditions.

The need for doctors in non-metro areas and the rise of non-medical cosmedic surgery in Australia have contributed to this demand. Surgery Australia lists plastic surgery as the 4th highest specialty in demand.

NSW health suggests Urology (Surgery) is a substantial career opportunity with Between 25% to 150% increase over the total number of trainees required.

Cardiothoracic surgery (Surgery) - [Non-metro], Neurosurgery (Surgery), Orthopaedic surgery (Surgery), Otolaryngology – head and neck surgery (Surgery), Plastic surgery (Surgery) - [Non-metro], and Vascular surgery (Surgery) are listed as Reasonable career opportunities with Between 1% and 25% increase over a total number of trainees required.

General surgery (Surgery), Oral and maxillofacial surgery (Surgery) - [Non-metro], and Paediatric surgery (Surgery) - [Non-metro] are listed as adequate career opportunities.

Although this data pertains to the state of NSW only it can give an impression of the demand across the country.

Is it hard to become a surgeon?

Thinking of specialising in surgery? Becoming a surgeon in Australia is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. The process involves extensive education and training, including completing a medical degree, followed by an internship, and a minimum of five years of specialist surgical training through the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. Aspiring surgeons must also pass rigorous examinations and demonstrate exceptional clinical skills. The competitive nature of obtaining surgical training positions, coupled with the intense demands of the profession, make it a difficult path to pursue. However, for those who successfully navigate this journey, a fulfilling and high-demand career awaits.

How much do surgeons make in Australia?

Surgery remains the highest-paid medical specialty in Australia, with neurosurgeons earning the highest annual salary of $600,000.

The average salary for a surgeon in Australia is highly attractive, offering a strong incentive for doctors to specialise in this field. According to data from various sources, the median annual salary for a surgeon ranges between AUD$250,000 to AUD$500,000, depending on their level of experience and specialisation. This significant financial reward is not only enticing to aspiring doctors within Australia but also attracts highly skilled international medical professionals, who may be enticed by the opportunity to work in a country with a strong healthcare system and a high standard of living.

Recent figures from the Australian Tax Office show that surgeons earned an average of AUD$394,866, with general surgeons earning around AUD$358,000 per year.

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In conclusion, the demand for surgeons in Australia is on the rise due to several factors, including the growing and aging population, the need for better healthcare services in rural and remote areas, and the attractive average salary for surgeons. The opportunity to work in Australia offers numerous benefits for surgeons, from professional growth to financial rewards. As the country continues to invest in its healthcare system and address the needs of its diverse population, the demand for skilled and dedicated surgeons is expected to remain strong.

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15 December 2022Article by Medrecruit Editorial TeamMedrecruit Editor