Prime Minister Jacinda Arden plans to start reopening borders: here’s what it means if you’re a doctor looking to travel

Yesterday Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern released her plan to start reopening the borders. The plan starts this year, with the vaccination program ramping up, Ardern has promised that everyone in New Zealand will have been offered the vaccine by the end of the year. This will be in conjunction with a trial of shorter MIQ stays, or home isolation for selected travellers.

The new quarantine system will be based on three levels of risk: low, medium, high.

This means for vaccinated travellers from low-risk countries, there may be no isolation required.

For vaccinated travelers from medium-risk countries, some isolation would be required, but with the new plan, it could be a shorter stay in MIQ or even home isolation.

Unvaccinated travelers and all travellers from high-risk countries would still have to do 14 days in a MIQ facility.

**What does it mean for doctors? **

These changes are great news for overseas doctors, as it is now possible that you will not have to quarantine.

We anticipate remaining house officer, senior house officer, and registrar roles to be advertised by mid-late September for January/February.

The coming weeks mark the end of the National Recruitment Cycle, it is then hospitals turn their attention to internationally trained doctors, so it’s important to be prepared so as not to miss out.

The market remains highly competitive at that time of year, and it is important to ensure your applications stand out.

At Medrecruit we not only prepare stand-out applications for you, but we get them in front of the right people. We are renowned for our expertise in the medical registration and visa processes, providing your prospective employer complete confidence that you’ll be arriving in New Zealand in a timely manner and be able to start work within just a few short months.

For New Zealand doctors looking to experience Australia; now is the perfect time. With quarantine-free travel available to Kiwis, Australia offers the opportunity to get a taste of an OE whilst earning some money and continuing to grow your clinical skills. Speak to our team today about how we can set you up with your ideal job.

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Jordy Black
13 August 2021Article by Jordy BlackMedrecruit Editor