New Zealand: "Scotland on steroids"

IMGs in New Zealand

Becca Mcpartlin moved from Glasgow to New Zealand. She initially found work in Palmerston North, but then moved to Whangarei, and now lives and works in Tauranga as a Peadiatric Registrar.

"I went to medical school in Dundee, but I wanted a change from Scotland whilst working somewhere with a similar healthcare system to the NHS. I had heard many good things about New Zealand, including that it was like Scotland on steroids!" explained Becca as to why she decided to make the move to live and work in New Zealand.

Becca was already in New Zealand when she got in touch with Medrecuit. " I was helped by Jessica to find a job up north in Whangarei when I left my job in Palmerston North. It was a really smooth process and she found me a job relatively quickly!"

Since moving to New Zealand, Becca has found time to travel to the country as well as work as a doctor. "My favourite place in New Zealand is Kaikoura, it has both mountains and a beautiful sea and there is heaps of wildlife, I would definitely recommend swimming with dolphins there."

She also loved visiting the far north of Cape Reinga and learning about history and culture at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds. "There is too much to mention!" exclaimed Becca. "Climbing Mount Taranaki was also a highlight."

Not only is the New Zealand landscape reminiscent of Scotland, Becca says the lifestyles are also alike.

"Work-life is relatively similar in New Zealand to Scotland except things are slightly less busy here. The lifestyle is pretty chilled out. It’s really easy to get used to and everyone’s very friendly. Things to learn is that kiwis love an early bedtime."

When asked if she had any advice for other IMGs looking to make the move Becca said: "It’s definitely a worthwhile move, there’s so much to see and do over here. Don’t be put off by working in smaller centres, no one speaks very highly of Palmy and I had the most amazing time there. It’s easy enough to move around once you’re here. Using an agency is a helpful way to organise all the things you need to work over here."

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29 December 2022Article by Julia Medrecruit Editor